Book Blogger Spotlight: Bookaholic

Meet Wendy H. Jones, the force behind the book blog, Bookaholic. She has served  in both the Royal Navy and the British Army and has lived and traveled all over the world. Wendy credits her globetrotting with giving her a wide taste in reading, as sometimes it was difficult to find books in English.

She has been a passionate reader since an early age. “I drove the local librarians nuts as a child as I had read the entire children’s section by the time I was 10. I wanted to move on to the adult section, as I needed more books. Needless to say, being a determined little soul, I got my own way. My love for reading has never waned since that day. My love for blogging is an extension of this, as I love words. I have recently started writing a murder mystery series starring DI Shona McKenzie. With a name like that it will come as no surprise that the books are set in Dundee, Scotland where I live. Although from Dundee I have just returned here.”

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An Introduction to BookRix

Guest post
by L. Avery Brown

I’m new to IU and have enjoyed reading essays on topics that deal directly with issues IA folks like myself deal with on a daily basis. I also love ‘Freebie Fridays’. It’s an awesome, no strings attached way for IAs to get some much needed exposure.

So a few Fridays ago I decided to put one of my freebies on IU hoping I could get a few more eyes to look at it and maybe even get some feedback. So, I sent my information in and waited for a reply letting me know my freebie link would be available for IU members. Unfortunately, I got a message back from Stephen saying IU wouldn’t be able to post my freebie because the ‘home’ site ( – BR) for my book wasn’t one with which they were familiar. Continue reading “An Introduction to BookRix”

Claiming Your Book to Your Author Central Page Part 1

Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of authors have released a lot of books. My powers of perception are amazing, aren’t they? I know, I know, it gives me chills, too. In any case, another thing I’ve noticed is that authors with multiple books seem to have lost interest in their Author Central page. Their first two or three books will be listed, but then after that – those books are left to languish on their own without the comfort and camaraderie of the other books on that cozy Author Central page.

Claiming a book to an Author Central page is quick and easy. There are, in fact, two ways to do it. Allow me to show you how.

The first way (which I’m not convinced actually works) doesn’t even require you to log in to your Author Central account. Convenient. Just go to your Author Central page and scroll to the bottom. That is where you will see this:

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Sneak Peek: King Juba’s Chest

Today we have a sneak peek from the novel by Leander Jackie Grogan: King Juba’s Chest.

King Juba’s Chest is an American saga on the raw and dirty side of the tracks. From Juárez, the City of Dead Girls, an improbable young illegal Mexican immigrant eludes the spray of bullets from the ruthless Zetas cartel, claws her way through the choking dust of a collapsing smuggler’s tunnel, survives the ICE raids of the rat-infested colonias of New Mexico, finally, rising up from the ashes of poverty to become the CEO of a major American corporation. This is a sweeping tale of the miscegenation of cultures and the undeniable quest to scale the purple mountains and alabaster cities in the land of the free.

King Juba’s Chest is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from King Juba’s Chest

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