Sneak Peek: Solstice Magic

Today we have a sneak peek from Jean Stringam’s magical realism novel, Solstice Magic.

Read about the magical world of cowboys, rabbits, and Ukrainian goddesses that unfolds when Zo’s gruff baba from Ukraine arrives with her savage Caucasian Ovchorka dog. The ensuing chaos of clashing cultures catapults the characters into the extreme sport of rodeo at the Calgary Stampede. There, Vince Lapin, bull-rider extraordinaire, meets up with Susie Lago, protégé of Zo, and the outcome for the other rodeo contestants as well as the animal athletes changes stampede history. Good thing Zo has a best friend with an attractive older brother to soften the trauma.

Solstice Magic is available through and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from Solstice Magic:

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Book Brief: The Gentle Man

The Gentle Man
by Michelle Mogil
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Word count: 84,000

Anastasia Trent was the first to admit it: she had crested the peak and was now in her downhill years. Middle-aged and worn out, she’s resigned herself to a life of drudgery and angst as she watches her marriage, job, house and body slowly but surely fall apart.

Enter a dark and compelling stranger who claims he’s running for his life and begs for her help. Against all reason, Ana lets him in. Soon, she’s questioning his sanity, her sanity, and reality itself. One thing’s for certain: life will never be dull or ordinary again.

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Penny for Your Thoughts

Photo by. K. S. Brooks

“I didn’t bring a penny,” I said.

Damien did his best not to look perturbed and fished a penny out of his own pocket to give to me. “Here,” he said, proffering the coin. “Just make a wish, throw the penny in the pond and then jump in after it.”

I took the shiny copper disk from him. “I’ll make a wish and throw the coin in, but I don’t want to jump in the water. It looks all slimy.”

“You have to jump in,” he said, “If you don’t your wish won’t come true.”

I didn’t want to argue with Damien. He had a reputation as being a little off-kilter, but there was no way I was jumping into that scummy pond. I tossed the coin, but it didn’t make the splock sound I was expecting. It had landed on something in the water.

I turned around to see Damien rushing at me…


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