Creating a Book’s Sell Sheet

Many, many years ago, back when we were still using stone tablets and chisels to write, my first novel was published. The year was 2001. That was also when I created my first “sell sheet.”

A book sell sheet (or book one-sheet, as some people call it) is designed to provide the necessary information to people who would buy your book. This is not for consumers, however, it targets buyers at book stores, libraries, other retailers, and wholesalers. These people want quick facts about your book, without schmaltz. Save that dazzling salesy stuff for consumers.

The main things these buyers want to know are: Continue reading “Creating a Book’s Sell Sheet”

The Art of Paragraphs: When to Hit Enter

This month we’re celebrating our second anniversary here on the “Death Star,” but we’ve not gotten so big for our britches that we won’t take your requests. We will. And we won’t even charge for them. Well, not as much as we used to, although our attorneys, Cantwell, Wyer, and Bowersock, have advised us not to talk about that. Continue reading “The Art of Paragraphs: When to Hit Enter”