IU Excellence Award Nominations Still Open

IUEA Nominations ButtonNominations are still open for the Indies Unlimited Excellence Awards. It’s up to you to decide which sites will be included in the voting! It’s time to recognize the sites that have provided you with the most valuable information, insights, and resources. Nominations are easy, just click on the image at left, or in the top of the sidebar, and follow the instructions.

You can nominate your choices for Best Book Review Site, Best Resource Site, and Best Watchdog/Warning Site. Get those nominations in and show that you care!

Author: Administrators

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3 thoughts on “IU Excellence Award Nominations Still Open”

  1. Being new to this whole process, I don’t have any nominations at this time. I am still learning my way around. That being said, if we could nominate IU, I would definitely nominate you for so much support and great information.

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