Sneak Peek: Nobility

Today we have a sneak peek from the science fiction novel by Eva Caye: Nobility.

Prince Matthieu is the near-perfect Heir Second, a tremendous support to his grandparents the Emperor and Empress, but his abandonment issues, secret missions, and need for an intelligent lady strong enough to be his future Empress stifle his love life. How can he find a lady who will support him mind, body, and spirit?

And when turmoils arise over the Attican Reparations Project, will his multitude of skills help him overcome devastating loss? From lessons in authority and responsibility to taking on covert operations, how will he survive the death of his greatest role model?

Nobility (To Be Sinclair Series) is available from and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from Nobility

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Changing Your Title and Content AFTER Your Book Is Published

new and improvedThis past September I taught a course to help authors self-publish their work. One of the tag-lines I used in the promotional material was “We’re putting the SELF back into SELF-PUBLISHING”. My goal was to show authors that you really can produce an e-book that stands spine-to-virtual-spine with traditionally published books. My partner and I showed the attendees that it is indeed possible to produce a professional product in a cost-effective manner.

As I was compiling the material for the course my very astute business partner, Kathrin Lake, suggested I turn the content into a book. So, I did. I published that book with the very long title, How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle-An Easy-To-Follow Self-Publishing Guidebook in September. And, we were able to use the book as a tool during our weekend workshop. The book has sold very well. In fact, I now sell more copies of it than any of my novels. Additionally, it’s been well-reviewed, which was actually one of my concerns. I’ve had a moderate amount of success with my books – but many others have been far more successful. So, there was a point before I published when I was beginning to feel wary that the information I was offering might not be what authors were looking for. I tried to do everything I could to ensure that wouldn’t happen. I even tailored the workshop content, and the book to specifically help the authors, and potential authors, who attended. We circulated a questionnaire a few weeks beforehand, trying to gauge where everyone was with their individual projects and what information we should include that would specifically help them. With their input, I was able to provide all that and more, covering everything from basic information that helps new authors to marketing strategies for seasoned writers. When the reviews were positive and the book continued to sell well, I knew I’d achieved my goals. Continue reading “Changing Your Title and Content AFTER Your Book Is Published”

CreateSpace Headers: The Basics

Author photoGuest Post
by Melinda Clayton

Ask any self-published author about his or her experience with CreateSpace templates and you’re likely to hear something along the lines of, “I can never get my headers right.”

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Meet Karen Schechner from Kirkus Reviews

SchechnerKirkusPhotoIf you’ve been kicking at this indie thing for a while, you might be familiar with Kirkus Indie, an arm of Kirkus Reviews that offers a paid review service for indie authors. The prices can be steep, which has been a point of contention in the indie community. I had the opportunity to meet Karen Schechner, senior indie editor at Kirkus Reviews, at a self-publishing conference in New York. After an interesting and rather aerobic discussion with Karen and another author in an elevator after lunch break, I invited her to come by IU and give her side of the issue.

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