Video Trailer: Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow

ME_FrontCoverMary Elizabeth, a spotlessly white fun-loving cow, arrives at a new farm looking forward to making friends. The resident cows, who are all spotted, are excited to meet her. But when they see that she’s spotless they’re horrified. They don’t want to be seen with a spotless cow! Mary Elizabeth must figure out how to change their minds to get what she desires: acceptance and friendship on the farm. Will using clever ideas, cow logic, blue-ribbon diplomacy and a good sense of humor win them over? Follow her adventures in this topical, charming and witty tale to find out!

Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow, the children’s book by Salvatore Barbera, is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.

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  1. This is a fun book with a great story and hilarious drawings. The message about friendship and discrimination is told in a humorous and entertaining way. A great book for kids!

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