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Science fiction is something that could happen – but usually you wouldn’t want it to. I’m James M. Corkill, and in the Alex Cave Series, it does. Advanced technology that threatens our way of life on a global scale.

Dead EnergyEpisode 1. Dead Energy
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When the Americrude tanker left Valdez Alaska, she was filled with 12,000 tons of heavy crude oil. By the time she arrived in Puget Sound, her hold was as clean as the day she was built. The Coast Guard could not find an oil spill, and the crew is found dead in the snow on a mountain one hundred miles away.

Alex Cave, a geophysics instructor at a university in Bozeman Montana, is drawn into the situation when he sees a brilliant flash of white light and responds to a mayday from the oil tanker. Alex is also ex-CIA and advisor to the Director of National Security, and is put in charge of the investigation.

Soon panic grips the Pacific Northwest when the oil in the Alaska pipeline and west coast refineries mysteriously vanishes without a trace. Transportation of basic necessities cannot reach the cities, and common citizens turn to primal instincts to survive. In the ensuing breakdown of social services, Harold Woolly, a meek man with a domineering wife and two teen age children, flees the Seattle area to escape the riots. The brochure his son had received from the Army Of Survival had promised a safe haven, but there is nothing safe about it. The new leader of the AOS, John Everex, is a radical survivalist preying on innocent people desperately seeking protection. Once Harold and his family arrive at the camp in Idaho, they can never leave. Each of them has a choice. Join Everex’s army and begin a life of servitude, prostitution, and physical training for his army, or die.

The perpetrator of the vanishing oil, Menno Simons, is a man obsessed in his determination to stop mankind from destroying the environment with carbon fuels, but no one knows who he is or how he is stealing the oil. The only clue Alex has to work with is a dollar size crystal found in the hold of an empty oil tanker. If Alex and his friends cannot discover the secret of the vanishing oil before it affects the entire United States, the nation will succumb to DEAD ENERGY.

Cold EnergyEpisode 2. Cold Energy
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When the Polar Ice Sheet mysteriously expands by thousands of square miles, the sudden change in temperature begins to alter the weather patterns on a global scale. At the same instant, an un-natural earthquake destroys the City of Victoria, Canada.

Alex Cave is thrust into the situation when the earthquake also awakens the sleeping Mount Baker volcano near his home town of Sparrow Valley, Washington.

Alex joins the owner and scientists on the research ship, Mystic, who accidently activate a mysterious device deep in the Pacific Ocean sixty miles off the coast of Washington. What they don’t realize is that the Captain and his first mate have an alternative purpose for the Mystic and her small submarine as they begin a harrowing journey to the North Bering Sea, the location of another strange device freezing the Arctic Ocean. If the ice sheet continues to expand, the planet will enter another ice age.

If Alex and the scientists on the Mystic don’t find a way to shut down the devices before it is too late, humanity will be extinguished by COLD ENERGY.

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