Featured Book: Shattered

Shattered (Donna Harp Series)Shattered by Karl Jones Book genre – drama/mystery/thriller. Available from Amazon A sleepy English village is woken to the horrors of the modern world when a serial killer begins stalking its daughters. The inexperienced police must work fast to find him before he takes another victim, and before the villagers seek their own justice.


 “Get out,” he ordered as he climbed from the vehicle and made his way round to the rear. Instead of doing as she was told, Melanie slapped her hand down on the lock next to her. With that done she scrambled across the gearstick to yank the driver’s door closed, locking it the moment it slammed shut. With the car secured, she settled behind the wheel, her hand groping for the keys so she could start the engine and make her escape. A tapping on the window made her look round. She found him waving the keys and smiling in a way that made her tremble with fear. She sat there, frozen as he unlocked the door and pulled it open. “That wasn’t very sensible,” he told her, his voice menacing. “I told you to get out; now do as I told you.” “No, please! Please just take me home.”

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“Fast-paced and action packed with well-developed and engaging characters, it is a highly enjoyable page-turner.” — R Lee Holtz

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