Featured Book: She Likes It Rough

She Likes it RoughShe Likes It Rough
by G.V.R. Corcillo
Book Genre: Romantic Comedy
Available from Amazon.

Scaredy-cat Lisa Flyte strikes a deal with adrenaline junkie Jack Hawkins: she’ll be the test dummy for his new line of gear if he helps her get a backbone. They survive (barely!) their bumbling adventures in the wild. But will they survive each other once they’re back on solid ground?


“Oh, God!” I shriek. “We’re crashing!”

“We are NOT crashing.”

“We’re not?”

“Damn! I knew you were all wrong for this.”

“All wrong? No, I’m not!” I stiffen my spine, sitting up as tall as I can. “I can do this. I AM doing this!”

Jack looks away. “I better just take you home.”


“Yes. You said this was what you wanted, but clearly you don’t want to be here.”

“Yes I do! I can do this and I will.”

“Okay.” In a flash, he rips off his headphones and mine, snaps open his seatbelt and mine, and pulls me against him as he stands.


Jack turns me around and wraps his arms just under my ribcage. I figure out what he’s doing just as the helicopter banks sharply.

Out we go, tumbling backwards through space.


What reviewers are saying:

“From the first chapter, I laughed so hard I cried.” – Savannah Mae’s review for Rebecca’s Reads.

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28 thoughts on “Featured Book: She Likes It Rough”

  1. Thanks, Indies Unlimited for your love and support of Indie Authors and your mission to make us the best we can be! You support so many more Indie careers because “Indie” publishing is anything but independent – editors, formatters, artists, designers, marketers. bloggers, reviewers… You guys rock rock rock!

  2. This book is AWESOME! I laughed so hard while reading it that I almost fell off of the elliptical machine – TWICE! I highly recommend picking it up. This story will make you laugh out loud, gasp in surprise and smile like a lunatic when you get to that happy ending.

    Hurry up and put something new out, GVR Corcillo! 🙂

  3. This book has been in my TBR list for awhile now and after reading this excerpt, it’s moving to the top!

    I have the pleasure of knowing GVR through a chick lot group and not only is she a talented author, but she is truly one of the most supportive and positive people I know.

    Congrats on being featured GVR!! xoxo

  4. GVR, I can’t wait to read this book. It’s sitting in my kindle as we speak/type. I’m such a goodie two shoes I try to read things in the order I find them, but (looks secretive) I might just slip your up to the top. Especially since it’s got all those “best indie book” awards. 🙂 Loved the excerpt! When’s your next one due out?

  5. Gillian Doyle, You are an amazing Indie author who is blasting into the stratosphere herself! So cool that after a career in traditional publishing, you’ve chosen the Indie route. Mystic Memories especially looks sooo captivating – quel cover!



  6. The read is effortless, like watching a movie. I can’t describe how glad I feel when I realize that there are such imaginative people among indie writers. I only joined this community recently, and I didn’t know this.
    Plus, GVR Corcillo is one of the most supportive people I’ve come across in this new world.
    I’m happy for you 🙂

  7. How exciting to have your book featured here, Geralyn!! Yay! Congratulations! People who haven’t read it are in for a treat! 😀

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