A Writer’s Wish List – Getting Better in 2015

A writers wish listAs a kid, I put my best writing skills to work this time of the year. No, I didn’t create the perfect Christmas card message — I perfected the ultimate Christmas List! As the holidays neared, I would craft the best descriptions of the toys that I wanted, cut out pictures and list the optimum places to find Jimmy’s Wish List entries.

Nowadays, I don’t create the master wish list anymore, but I still make lists. This time of the year is a great time to think about the future. Putting into words the things you want to improve on, change, or learn is a great step toward making them a reality.

Here are some great things to include in your wish list for the upcoming year. I’m sure many of you have some of these in place, but hopefully you’ll find a few nuggets that were lacking in the past year. Continue reading “A Writer’s Wish List – Getting Better in 2015”

Featured Book: Traceless

Traceless by Joanne ClancyTraceless
by Joanne Clancy
Categories: mystery, thriller
Available on Amazon.com and Amazon UK

Adam vanishes in the middle of the night. His girlfriend is the last person to see him alive.

Darcey is drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse, where she’s already several moves behind. Someone is watching her, and she soon discovers that some people should never be found.

Changing Attitudes Toward Self-Publishing

Differing book reviewsYou’ve heard the snide comments. Self-published books are crap. They aren’t edited. They are amateur. They are not worth our notice. Many such comments were deserved. They still are in some cases.

Most of these slurs came out of a time when the majority of so-called self-published books were put out by vanity presses that preyed on the desire of the unwary to have a book with their name on it. Often these books were written to share with friends and family, never intended for a wider readership. Continue reading “Changing Attitudes Toward Self-Publishing”