Video Trailer: Shadow Days

Shadow Days by Melinda ClaytonOn the anniversary of her husband’s death, forty-nine-year-old Emily Holt runs away, leaving an unmade bed, an unlocked house, two college-aged sons, and an overabundance of bad memories.

Struggling to make peace with the death of a husband who’d been lost to mental illness, she vows to drive to the end of the road, which, she’s surprised to find, is just outside the tiny mining town of Cedar Hollow, West Virginia.

As Emily struggles to redefine and rediscover herself, the good folks of Cedar Hollow are more than happy to help.

Shadow Days, the Southern fiction book by Melinda Clayton, is available at and Amazon UK..

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print book HOLIDAY SALETick tock…hear the clock…counting down to the big gift-giving events. Don’t worry, we’ve got lots of  awesome print book deals today at the Indies Unlimited Print Book Party.

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Book Brief: Hot in the Saddle

Hot in the Saddle by Ciana StoneHot in the Saddle
by Ciana Stone
Genre: Romance/Western
165,668 words

Four ranchers as hot as the Arizona desert – men more than willing for a night of loving, but who all think that love is not in their cards. Four men, four stories.

Chase’n’Ana: Chase Hawks had a good handle on life. Then fate intervened. He ran over a woman. Literally. Hit her with his truck. So, what what happens when a down-to-earth rancher hooks up with a quirky new age witch who likes to dance naked under the moon?

Molding Clay: Clay Russell had plans, big plans. But his family had other plans. They roped him into taking on the job of getting a struggling ranch back on its feet. He didn’t expect it to be something beyond his ability. He also didn’t expect Rusty Blackhawk to be a woman. Or a witch.

Scout’n’Cole: Cole had no trouble attracting women. He just wasn’t expecting to find love. Then he’s teamed up with Scout Windrider and everything changes. Faced with a murderous madman, Scout and Cole take a leap and discover something relegated to myth and legend is not only true, but will change them forever.

Conn’n’Caleb: Single and loving it! That’s Caleb. Life’s good — although a little predictable. Until a woman drops out of the sky and into his kayak, nearly drowning him in the process. But getting wet is the least of his problems because Conn isn’t like any woman he’s ever known.

Hot in the Saddle is available at and Amazon UK.

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