Facebook Changing Privacy Settings in 2015

Facebook Privacy setttings changing in 2015On January 1, 2015, Facebook is changing its terms of service to include new privacy issues that allow users to control their information. Of course, in Facebook speak, that means that you must be a rocket scientist in order to interpret the terms of service and how to control the new privacy settings. Continue reading “Facebook Changing Privacy Settings in 2015”

Featured Book: The Rebel Trap

The Rebel Trap by Lance ErlickThe Rebel Trap
by Lance Erlick
Categories: science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure
Available on Amazon.com and Amazon UK

Despite being a military recruit, sixteen-year-old Annabelle Scott rebels against her female-dominated régime by refusing to kill a boy she fancies. Her commander tracks her with auditory implants and contact cameras. The boy hacks the implants to plead for help. Annabelle is forced to make difficult choices with deadly consequences.

The Perils of Internet Forums

Author Bruce FottlerGuest Post
by Bruce Fottler

When I entered the world of indie-publishing, I was hungry for information and interaction with other writers. For years I was active in hobby forums, so writer-centric forums seemed to be an obvious place to start. After a few years of participating in writer forums, I’ve learned they can be helpful, supportive, and perilous.

Wait, why perilous? Continue reading “The Perils of Internet Forums”