The Rush to Publish

Rush to Publish We’ve all heard the old maxim, “Act in haste; repent at leisure.” This is true in a lot of things, most especially in publishing. Why more so in publishing? Because when we authors act in haste, we’re not just saying something inappropriate that will be forgotten in time; we’re not just acting badly in one instance that eventually will be forgiven. We’re putting our words out there on paper (or on screen) forever. Continue reading “The Rush to Publish”

How to Reduce Image Sizes Using Outlook

Sometimes smaller is just better.
Sometimes smaller is just better.

Here at IU, we ask people not to send photos over 500kb. We’re all volunteers, and we have small, free email accounts. Therefore, large attachments cause a problem. If you’ve ever received a failure message from us stating “mailbox full” – that’s because someone sent us a large attachment which filled our mailbox to capacity. Naughty author!

We’ve run a couple of articles on this: Tutorial: Resizing Pictures and  How to Resize a Photo – Mac Edition. If you don’t have the software programs mentioned in those tutorials, here’s an easy way to make an image smaller when you need to email it to someone. (In fact, you can even use this to email images to yourself if you need to resize it for something you’re doing.) It’s super easy, too. Continue reading “How to Reduce Image Sizes Using Outlook”

Writing Resolutions for 2015? A Good Idea?

something motivational - a writer's new year's resolutionWould now be a good time to ask you about New Year’s Resolutions for your writing? I’ve never tried it you see, but this year I’m giving it a go.

By the time you read this the turkey will be a distant memory. Unless, of course, like me you make a massive pot of stock with the bones, put it in the garage for lack of space because the fridge is full of leftover yummies, and then find it in the Spring. Continue reading “Writing Resolutions for 2015? A Good Idea?”