Author Jennifer Rainey Says Follow Your Heart

Author Jennifer Rainey

I’m usually not one for the inspirational, follow-your-heart, hug-it-out scene. It’s a little too fluffy to me. In fact, anyone who knows me personally knows it’s easier to hug a cactus than it is to hug me.

That said, today I’d like to tell you to follow your heart. Or rather, I’d like to discuss the importance of writing what you want to write, rather than what others want you to write.

It sounds like simple, duh! advice, but you’d be surprised how often that little bit of wisdom gets ignored in a world full of everyone else’s opinions. The importance of feedback is stressed constantly in the writing world. Now, I’m not saying the opinions of others shouldn’t be regarded. Absolutely not! You’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t have your writing edited and critiqued, but you’re also never going to get anywhere if you do nothing but listen to others. Continue reading “Author Jennifer Rainey Says Follow Your Heart”