Sneak Peek: Bonnie Rozanski’s “Come Out Tonight”

Today, we get a sneak peek of author Bonnie Rozanski’s novel, Come Out Tonight:

Henry Jackman, a pharmacist’s assistant working in a run-down drugstore in New York City, wakes up one morning to find his girl friend unconscious on his living room rug. Someone has attacked her. He calls an ambulance, and manages to get her to the hospital alive but comatose. There she progresses from coma to vegetative state, never quite becoming conscious… until the day Henry gives her Somnolux, a new-generation sleep aid.

Henry, an insomniac, has himself been taking Somnolux. He has been experiencing blackouts, something he doesn’t quite admit to, not even to himself. There is evidence he’s been doing some strange things in his sleep: women’s underwear turns up in his drawers; sexy women in his bed. Could Henry have attacked his girlfriend himself without any knowledge of the fact?

Come Out Tonight is available for Kindle from Amazon and for Nook from Barnes and Noble. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Bonnie Rozanski’s “Come Out Tonight””

A Christmas Present for Me from 5-Star Books!

I just received word that I will be 5-Star Books‘ featured author via Twitter all day on Dec 24! The 5-Star Books website has one goal: to help new readers find excellent Indie reads without wading through poorly written books.

The books featured by the editors of 5-Star Books are chosen using many criteria, which include: 5-star ratings on Amazon, cover design, reader reviews, content, publication date, author’s  social media involvement, and other subjective factors.

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Indies Unlimited Wins Coveted Prize

Author and Superhero crime-fighter Katheryn Lane has bestowed an honor upon me. Indies Unlimited has been given the coveted Versatile Blogger Award. I feel so honored, but I have nothing prepared.

I’d like to thank the members of the academy, my Mom and Dad, who always knew I’d grow up to be a blogger once the internet was invented, and my wonderful wife, whose technological expertise and relentless pursuit of perfection (ever since she screwed up by marrying me) made this blog possible. Continue reading “Indies Unlimited Wins Coveted Prize”