Meet the Author: Helmy Kusuma

Author Helmy Kusuma

Author Helmy Kusuma has written two romance novellas, Mementoes of Mai and Cinta 3 Sisi (not in English). These works fall into the category of realistic fiction, faction, or as Alex Canton-Dutari says, “non-fiction fiction.”

Helmy says, “Based on the verbal and visual feedbacks (btw, visual being facebook and the likes) of those who had the pleasure (or not) of reading them, I wrote beautiful descriptive paragraphs which yanked people from their seat (or divan, or bunk…, or toilet, or wherever they had chosen to read) into the scene of my novellas.” Helmy says this explanation makes more sense if you just go to the links provided and click “buy.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Helmy Kusuma”