Dear Santa: My Indie Author Wish List

Dear Santa:

K. S. Brooks with Santa
Photo Credit: EPS, Lowell, MA

Pay no attention to that menorah behind me. It’s nothing more than a fancy candelabra. Honest.

I’ve been a good girl. Hmmm. Can you be more specific as to the parameters you use to base your “naughty or nice” evaluation? I’m a little sketchy on that.

In any case, I’ve worked really hard this year. I managed to turn out 4 published titles, and all the marketing/publicity work that goes with them. That’s why I’ve finally given in to writing you this letter. I’m a little tired at this point. So I’m hoping you will be a stand-up kind of jolly dude and bring me what I want for Hanu…kuh…ristmas. Yeah, I meant Christmas. I noticed I’m developing a stutter…I think it’s all the stress. Continue reading “Dear Santa: My Indie Author Wish List”

Writing is a lot like fishing.

Writing is a lot like fishing, both of which I enjoy very much.  Both are hard work.  And a lot of times you get skunked.  But if you keep trying, eventually you catch something.  I have always been drawn to activities that require far more effort than they offer reward.  I don’t know why this is.  Masochism?  Low self esteem?  Perhaps I’m a bit of a simpleton.

I’ve been Hised!!

Reviewer Cathy Speight

Just after the Evil Mastermind announced my recruitment to his auspicious team, he waited all of five minutes to ‘virtually’ nudge me in the ribs with ‘can you just come on and introduce yourself?’ So here I am, still wondering why such a sparkling, witty and clever writer, would want me on his team, until it hit me. Of course!  He wanted someone on the team that was older than him! Junior Hise is extraordinarily persuasive.  He really is quite hard to say ‘no’ to.  However, I am so very, very glad I was pummelled into submission.  I really am delighted to be here and feel immeasurably privileged to be in the company of talent such as his and his cohorts’. Continue reading “I’ve been Hised!!”

Sneak Peek: Rosanne Dingli’s “Encore”

Today, we get a sneak peek of author Rosanne Dingli’s Encore.

Encore by Rosanne Dingli
Encore by Rosanne Dingli

Meant for the mid-life mob (or older) these are atmospheric stories, all themed around music and musical concepts.  The emotional imbalance of couples finding a new kind of compatibility – or otherwise – is explored in these narratives. What happens to relationships when a different tune is played? What happens to the sharpness and newness of the music with the passing of years?

Rosanne Dingli’s short fiction has been awarded for its subtle ability to evoke nostalgia and stay in the memory.

Encore is available in print and eBook at and other online stores.

The following excerpt is from a story called “Walking into the Sea”, which is in the middle pages of Encore.

Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Rosanne Dingli’s “Encore””