Many Happy Returns

Five of the most biting words used to express disappointment are, “It’s the thought that counts.” People say this when they suddenly realize you were watching as they opened the present you got them, and they failed to control their facial expression. In that initial momentary facial flash, they conveyed their real disappointment, confusion, or abject horror at what you got them. They know you saw that, and follow up with the words, “It’s the thought that counts.” This translates to: FAIL. Continue reading “Many Happy Returns”

A Special Gift From The Missourian

My son Garrett has his own blog called, “I am the Man Letters,” from which he posts letters to me. This holiday season, he makes a special holiday movie recommendation. In case you find yourself in dire need of watching something that conveys the true spirit of Christmas without all the sappiness, go check this out, and give Garrett the present of leaving a comment. Happy holidays, everyone.