You are standing on the precipice of a skeletal building frame when you make the following realization: underneath your skin there are systems and universes and sacks of general gooey mayhem which you will never understand. They operate without your knowledge and assist you in many ways. They breathe for you, crap for you, process food and water. They also give you cancer, strokes, pink eye.

From the top of the building frame you can see the rooftops of the city. They are pointed and flat, adorned with abandoned mattresses and patio furniture. Behind you, the sun floats like an egg yolk in the sky. It warms your neck and makes you feel a pleasant nostalgia for nothing in particular. You are merely glad to be alive, momentarily, with the sun on your neck and the city spread out before you like a patchwork quilt. Continue reading “Contrast”

Cathy Speight Joins Indies Unlimited!

Reviewer Cathy Speight

I am very pleased to announce that respected book reviewer Cathy Speight will be joining Indies Unlimited as a contributor. Cathy is a skilled and experienced book reviewer who has appeared here on the blog several times. I encourage you to visit Cathy’s blog, Cath ‘n’ Kindle to see some of her great and insightful work.

Her periodic features will treat you to some of her wit and wisdom and keep you current on some of the great indie books available out there.

Cathy’s presence will add yet another dimension to IU as we continue to grow to meet the challenges and needs of the Indie community. She is a great fit for this motley crew and we are all very excited about having her on board. On behalf of Kat, JD and myself,  we extend a warm welcome to Cathy Speight and invite all of you to do the same.

Book Trailer: Kristina Jackson’s “The Fool’s Journey”

This is the video trailer for Kristina Jackson’s upcoming novel, The Fool’s Journey.

Can tarot cards really help a young woman whose life is not all it’s cracked up to be?

Moira is frustrated by her life and even more so because she just doesn’t know what to do about it. A spur-of-the-moment decision to attend a psychic fair to get a tarot reading changes all of that. The Tarot reading helps her realise and see exactly what she should do. Moira’s friends and family start to question her sanity when she consults pieces of card for guidance. When she decides to quit her job, sell her house and move away, they’re sure of it.

What do Tarot cards mean? Can they help her find out about herself and guide her to a happier future? What has an encounter with a poltergeist and a haunted chest got to do with Moira’s journey to find fulfilment?

Meet the Author: David Antrobus

Author David Antrobus

Author David Antrobus says that what sets his style apart is his flagrant disregard for any sense of decorum or discipline whatsoever. He says his writing is more Capote than Cormac—more Houellebecq than Hemingway. He also went on to say it is the  literary equivalent of Casablanca-meets-Spinal Tap. Knowing David as I do, I’d have to agree with that assessment. I’m just not sure what it means.

By way of example, when I ask David where he finds his inspiration, he says,  “Life, movies, (comic) books, music, the internet, the inside of fortune cookies… and by that, I mean the actual inside of fortune cookies and not the little scrap of paper with the fortune on it. Hey, don’t look at me like that; they’re very smooth and almost always a pleasing shade of brown.” They are, aren’t they? Continue reading “Meet the Author: David Antrobus”