Muffy Morrigan: Editor-phobia

Muffy Morrigan

Editor-phobia is rampant among writers. I am noticing it more and more. I’ve been in the publishing business for many years and there has always been a little fear of editors—and in newspapers it is very understandable. The editor there can take a long story and hack it to one paragraph without even so much as a “by your leave.” Of course, books have a different editing process, but that fear is still there. More and more authors are completely removing the editor from the process and relying on a beta instead. There is a deep difference between the two, but both are valuable and needed to make a book the strongest it can possibly be. Continue reading “Muffy Morrigan: Editor-phobia”

Meet the Author: Robert F. DeBurgh

Author Robert F. DeBurgh

Author Robert DeBurgh calls his writing style descriptive. “I try to imagine myself in the situation of the character I’m writing about and decide how I would handle that situation. I don’t use much in the way of allegory or metaphor,” he says.

Bob’s uncle and aunt, Charles and Doretta Cross were both professional pilots from the late 1920s until after WWII.  He says many of the scenes and situations in both Winds of Fate and Riders of the Wind  were inspired by their lives. Other parts of the books were inspired by his own experiences. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Robert F. DeBurgh”