A Serving of Payback.

Lust for Danger by K.S. Brooks
She's ready to dish out payback!

Mean people suck. They really do. But that’s okay, I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s a good thing. Because…honestly…if there were no mean people I’d have no one to passionately torture and kill off in my novels.

Whoever said “Revenge is a dish best served cold” wasn’t altogether with it. Take that quote, add a whole lot of “The pen is mightier than the sword” and you have a winning combination.

Yes, I believe in what goes around comes around…and, if I can help it get around any faster, I’m all for it. And yes, I will go completely out of my way to write a scene that may not be related in any way to my project just to give my enemies their come-uppance. That, my friends, is my right. Continue reading “A Serving of Payback.”

Meet the Author: Linda Prather

Author Linda Prather

Author Linda Prather says her early style was compared to Mary Higgins Clark, and recently to Tony Hillerman. “I think my basic style changes with my mood. It ranges from simplistic to literary. I love character driven fiction, and it isn’t unusual for my characters to take over the story and move it in directions I never expected it to take.”

She says she loves complicated stories with unique plots and sub-plots, creating characters that readers can love or hate, evoking emotion and painting pictures with words.

A single word can kick start her imagination and from there a book will flow. “I love dreaming scenes and will often go to bed and concentrate on a specific character or chapter to wake in the morning with fresh ideas and at times new characters,” she says. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Linda Prather”

Hi, I’m Ed, and I have touched a Pulitzer

Author M. Edward McNally

Hello, all.  I’m M. Edward McNally, but typically go by “Ed” online as I am an extremely lazy typist, which is an admirable quality as a writer.  I’m the newbie on the IU staff, which means I get fed last in the mess hall.

Let’s see, a little about me.  Well, I guess I can write a sort of “writer’s bio,” which will pretty much be my regular bio, but with less police involvement.  Somewhat less.

I moved around a lot growing up, North Carolina to Chicago to California to Chicago (again) to Kansas to Iowa to Minnesota, and I always read quite a bit, as books were good friends I could take with me. Around third grade, in Kansas, a teacher sent a poem I’d written in class to the Kansas City Star, and the paper ran it. I believe it was about a garter snake.  Anyway, seeing my name in print was it for me, and a realization that there were actually people somewhere behind all those books I loved. I was hooked on the idea of being a writer early on, at least for a while. Continue reading “Hi, I’m Ed, and I have touched a Pulitzer”