The Indies Unlimited Story

I think this pretty much says it all…


Author: Stephen Hise

Stephen Hise is the Evil Mastermind and founder of Indies Unlimited. Hise is an independent author and an avid supporter of the indie author movement. Learn more about Stephen at his website or his Amazon author page.

7 thoughts on “The Indies Unlimited Story”

  1. Love it! I'm dragging my writing group towards doing a video but some of the "serious" writers are putting up quite a struggle against such frivolity. Mwahahaha, they'll soon dance to my tune when our book sales make us rich, rich beyond the wildest dreams of avarice!!!! Wild evil laugh…

    1. Hey there, I used It was pretty easy, actually, once I figured out the nuances. I do recommend it, although be forewarned, if you want the flexibility to use whatever characters, settings and titles you want, you will end up paying something for it. That said, it certainly was inexpensive enough.

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