Happy Birthday Indies Unlimited

Waaaaay back in October of 2011 Indies Unlimited was no more than a twinkle in the eye of a certain Stephen Hise, fondly (or not) referred to by us, his minions – er, I mean, members and staff, as EM or Evil Mastermind. That moniker has proven to be apt as you will see.

A few notables joined the crew in the months following. First came Kat (K.S.) Brooks, now known as Queen Bee when she’s not just another minion. She was soon followed by Ed McNally, JD Mader and Valerie Douglas. I think David Antrobus arrived before I did, as well and Cathy Speight.

My invitation to join came from Kat early in Feb. of 2012, an auspicious month, as it turned out, as mine was not the only name added to the roster. I could not have been more floored if someone had told me I was the long lost heir to a forgotten fortune. Who? Me? You must be kidding? I only have two books under my belt. What makes you think I have anything of value to contribute?

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Fame! Fortune! Adulation! Kow-towing! Caviar! The world beating a path to Amazon to buy my books! I was promised a 100% raise every month. Honest! After all, 100% of nothing is, well … you do the math.

Seriously, though, this experience has exceeded my wildest expectations. I now have a group of people I truly think of as friends, even met one in person and a follower as well. These friends have taught me how to do ‘stuff’ on the computer. They still are. I mean, when you start off in kindergarten it takes a lot of learning to graduate from high school. I think I may be in grade six now.

“What!? I’m a slow learner, all right!? Leave me alone! Kaaaaat…..make them stop.”

Oh, yeah. That’s the other things about IU. I get to have fun. They make me laugh. Sometimes they even laugh at a joke of mine. No, really, they do. Sometimes one or two of them ROTFL, or something like that. I think I’m breaking the code. But maybe they are pulling the wool over my eyes and it means something much more sinister. Could be. EM can be VEEERY devious.

So what am I doing here? You mean besides having fun, making friends, fighting over gruel rations and asking dumb questions? I write a post twice a month. And they don’t even tell me what to write about. My choice. Bad decision on their part, perhaps, but there you have it. It’s in my contract. No way out. I have it in black and white – er, maybe in black on grey … with a blue background, since it’s on my computer.

A few of our early members have left IU. Somehow they found a way to get through the maze EM put up – both to keep us in and to keep the spies out. I think the bears got them.

Truthfully, I shed a few tears when a couple I had become very fond of left the fold. But they did not become strangers. I still am in contact with them, as are the rest us here. They are still family.

Who knew these virtual bonds could be so strong, that I would want to reach out and hug my friend from Britain, or Poland, or Australia, that I would rejoice in the safe arrival of a young American man’s baby daughter, that I’d share the pain of another’s bad review (which wasn’t even meant for his book), that I’d worry over the illness of a precious pet, or gross out over someone’s over the top humour?

Being a member of IU, participating in the various opportunities both there and via external connections made through IU, have given my career as a writer an immeasurable boost. I have been able to spread my wings here and learned I can fly.

Now back to the typewriter before EM gets wind that I’ve been chatting.

“Oh, EM, please may I have an extra portion of gruel? I’ve been ever so good, really I have. …….What do you mean it’s all gone, um …….sob.”

Author: Yvonne Hertzberger

Yvonne Hertzberger is a native of the Netherlands who immigrated to Canada in 1950. She is an alumna of The University of Waterloo, with degrees in psychology and Sociology. Her Fantasy trilogy, ‘Earth’s Pendulum’ has been well received. Learn more about Yvonne at her blog and her Amazon author page.

37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Indies Unlimited”

  1. Happy Birthday to the greatest bunch around (not referring to grapes either). A very nice post Yvonne, now comes the singing; be glad you can’t hear it. To all at IU a very Happy Birthday.

  2. Really, Yvonne, it’s shameless what you’ll do for an extra spoonful of gruel 😉

    Lovely post 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday IU you’ve all been so lovely to me, even when i’m butting in on your conversations like I am now. But hey, why change the habit of a lifetime.;) You are an amazing group of people and i’ve learn’t so much from you all. Thanks for letting me tag along, and for all the help, patience and advice. Oh and the freebies! xxx 🙂

    For those reading this – I’m not on the IU staff.
    As an independent author I feel your site has provided me with an opportunity to learn new things and to improve my writing skills.
    I would recommend your site to anyone at anytime…and have.
    I wish you many years of success. We, the independent authors, need you. Please tell your families that what you are doing is necessary.
    Best regards, and keep up the excellent offerings.

  5. Happy birthday to you all. You are a great resource and offer Indie Authors quite a lot of opportunities. Shoot, I just read L. A. Lewandowski’s piece on Pinterest and I think I’m going to open that door and step on through. Thanks for all you do all of youse.

  6. Excellent post, Yvonne :)) I’ve learned a lot from the variety of articles and posts and idea sharing. I’ve laughed a lot a great puns, bad jokes, and fun asides. I’ve wondered, and pondered and chuckled and gasped. Thank goodness IU started out about the same time as I started writing. I would be lost :((

    Happy first b-day … and many more!

  7. As one of the ‘people Yvonne met in person’ I must say that this year has been the best fun, New friends, new challenges, a brilliant resource for writing. It seems like IU has been around for ever, maybe that’s also part of the plan, the EM has our memories under control.

  8. Lovely post, Yvonne, I haven’t been here as long as some but I feel exactly the same as you do about Indies, the staff, the boss and his very able right hand lady, and everything that IU stands for. Like you, I too felt the heart ache at the news that we were losing, what I felt was, two of our most erudite members and, also like you, was relieved when I realised they were still around; their essence continuing to be part of what IU is.

    The world is a busy place, and getting more hectic by the day, but I hope I can always find the time to remain part of this excellent little rallying corner of it.

    Again, lovely post, Yvonne.

    You have Masterminded a much loved site for struggling Authors!

    THANKS, and many more Birthdays to come.

    Michael Phelps
    DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE (with Ellie Janssen)
    DAVID JANSSEN-Our Conversations (Coming Soon)

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