How to Make a Quick But Usable Cover in Publisher

For an updated article on this subject, please check out How to Make an eBook Cover in Publisher.

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4 thoughts on “How to Make a Quick But Usable Cover in Publisher”

  1. I love Microsoft Publisher. It is my most favorite program to use of all time. I used to use it to make websites for real estate agents, which was fabulous for the person who didn’t know html code, because this program was just type, drag, drop and publish. I used it to make tri-fold brochures for real estate agents to promote themselves. Most recently, I used it to make my own bookmarkers for my book, which you can see the old version of them here: It would be good to use to make your press kits with as well that Kat has talked about and showed us how to do.

    I use Paint Shop Pro to make my book covers. It is also a program I have used for years to make graphics for my web pages when I did begin to know html.

  2. I shared the following with some writer friends. GREAT info–didn’t even know this came on my new PC!

    I used the IU suggestions in their How to Make a Quick Book Cover article and came up with this test of the program…fun, but different from Paint. LOVE that you can edit the text instead of having to redo it everytime you want to make a change!

    1. Oh, boy! Another great option in this program that I could never figure out is how to bring text or a photo forward so that, example, text sits on top of a photo. GREAT!!!!

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