Video Trailer: Eyes Behind Belligerence

Culminating a bitter-sweet epic and traditional coming-of-age story, Eyes Behind Belligerence sets precedence to fear and hatred, to families torn apart, and to the calloused response of internment camps. While two Japanese-American families endure the wake of Pearl Harbor’s wrath, each member must face the most painful question of their life: Where does their loyalty stand?

Eyes Behind Belligerence, the historical fiction book by author K.P. Kollenborn, is available through, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other online stores.

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One thought on “Video Trailer: Eyes Behind Belligerence”

  1. 1st viewing I had speakers muted (doh!) and it seemed dull (sorry!) but once I realized … I love the B&W images and the music adds so much drama. I felt I was in the cinema!! So important to have sound/music in the trailer I think. Well done and good luck.

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