Renee Pierce-Williams: This Week’s Flash Fiction Star

This week, Renee Pierce-Williams’ entry was chosen by readers as the favorite in the Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge. Congrats, Renee!

The winning entry is rewarded with a special feature here today and a place in our collection of winners which will be published as an e-book at year end.

Without further ado, here’s the winning entry:

Photo by K.S. Brooks

When I Grow Up
by Renee Pierce-Williams

Yep, that’s me, Beauregard. Bryan, my owner, called me Beau and what a strapping young lad I was, don’t you agree? Retrieving was my job and I knew it – it was in my blood.

Bryan and I had just won first place in the annual field trials. While loading the truck he suddenly fell to the ground. I knew something was terribly wrong and stayed by his side until a fellow competitor came to help.

Back at home, many sunsets came and went without Bryan. One night, two strange men came to up to the kennel. Their scent was unfamiliar; they opened the gate, slipped a leash over my head and drove me away.

My story is not for the fainthearted. The reality was – I had become the unthinkable – a bait dog. The repeated abuse left me cowering in excruciating pain, but I knew I had to survive this nightmare.

With only one eye and half of my jaw missing, I was released. Sadly, a mere shadow of the cuddly, happy, young fellow you see in the picture. I was microchipped as a pup and eventually picked up and taken to the vet for scanning.

Suddenly the smells became more familiar… I was almost home! You see, Bryan had suffered a stroke which left him partially paralyzed and unable to speak. Our bond needs no words. We both have been given a second chance at life. This time – when I grow up… I will be Bryan’s therapy dog.

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12 thoughts on “Renee Pierce-Williams: This Week’s Flash Fiction Star”

  1. Congratulations Renee. Well done and emotional. Many people aren’t aware of the horrors of bait dogs. Hopefully you have enlightened many. A touching piece.

    1. Thank you so much. It is time to educate the world on the horrors of what goes on and the cruelty that these beloved stolen dogs endure. With only 250 words and a PG13 story it is hard, there is so much more to say. We will get there… One story at a time. 😉

  2. Sorry, I don’t know what a bait dog is but it sounds awful. The story though was really heart-warming. Well done.

    1. Perfect! I will be glad to “school” you. This video is just a glimpse into the beginning of a stolen dogs nightmare. If you would like to see more, just simply google “bait dogs” or search Youtube. Please know, some of these videos are very graphic. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and share this important message. 😉

    1. Thank you Rosalind and I applaud your efforts for your stand agains puppy mills. That is another dark side of the pet industry. They are, however, beginning to put very strict laws into place that restrict the sale of these puppies. I have seen several pet stores shut down because of this practice and if you notice, you no longer see many of the larger chains selling (so called) pure breeds for fear of a law suit. Keep up the good work! xo

    1. Thanks hon! From what I am hearing since posting the story, not many people are aware of this practice in the UK. You and “Grumpy” can help by spreading the word. Congratulations on such a successful book tour! xoxo

  3. Congratulations. Great to educate people on the cruelty that exist even though it’s dark people need to know.

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