Shelf Unbound Competition for Best Independently Published Book

Shelf Unbound book review magazine is looking for submission to their Shelf Unbound Writing Competition for Best Independently Published Book. All genres eligible, as long as they are independently published.



Prizes: Top five books receive editorial coverage in Shelf Unbound. Best book receives a year’s worth of full-page ads in the magazine

Entry Fee: $30 per book

Deadline: September 10, 2013

For more information, visit their website.

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Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this conference information for the convenience of our readers. We do not, however, endorse this or any contest/competition/conference. Participants should always research a conference prior to attending.

We’re Here For a Reason

Shout it from the Mountaintop

This past week I attended the biggest healthcare finance management conference in the United States. Yeah, I have a real job (sort of.) I know, B-O-R-I-N-G, is what you’re saying. I’ve attended this meeting for the past four or five years. Matter of fact, I presented at this same conference last year.

Here’s where it gets interesting. You see, we (indie authors, publishers, and readers) create a lot of noise about what we do—we reach out to help each other, we post best practices, and we even buy each others books!

For as big as the Indie revolution is, we are actually a small, tight knit group. The reality is, Indies Unlimited has grown dramatically over the past year and a half, yet, how big of a group do we really touch? Continue reading “We’re Here For a Reason”

Featured Book: Fat Chance

Fat Chance
by R.J. Leahy
Available from Amazon.

Sean McDermott is a private detective in New York City, it says so right on his business card. It’s an ok job, but it isn’t as exciting as most people think and that’s fine by him. He makes it a rule not to get involved in active police cases or in any case where people are likely to get hurt–especially him. So why does the mob suddenly want him dead? Sure it’s all a mistake, but dead from a mistake is still dead.

Taking advice from his friend, the Juke, he starts on a cross country drive to LA (what can I tell you, he has a few phobias, and flying is just one of them), where he figures he’ll be safe. He makes it as far as Mystic Falls, New Mexico before the borrowed Mercedes conks out. Mystic Falls? Think Green Acres–without the sophistication.

It should have been easy. All he had to do was lie low and wait for the car to be fixed. A good plan too, if only the local “character” hadn’t turned up missing with him fingered as the prime suspect. Now if he ever wants to get out of this sleepy desert asylum before the mob finds him, he’s going to have to find her. Sound simple? Fat chance.

Amazon Goes to Denmark

Guest post
by Per Holbo

[This is a translation of an article that originally appeared in Danish on the blog HolboHistorier. The original article can be found here. The translated article is reproduced here with the author’s permission.]

Despite Amazon fighting to keep it under wraps the Danish media caught on. The mastodon in eBooks is coming to Scandinavia.

This is good news to anyone desiring a boost of eBooks in our region. For years, we´ve seen eBooks becoming steadily more popular each day, but here in Denmark, virtually nothing has happened.

The main reason I can think of, is accessibility. eBooks must be easy to get in as few steps as possible and if there´s one provider of eBooks, who has managed to almost make this a form of art, it´s Amazon.

The only Danish actor even remotely trying to accomplish a reasonable accessibility, is Riidr. However, they don´t even come close to Amazon in any given parameter. Amazon changes everything.

May 23rd, Politiken and May 24th, Berlingske Tidende, revealed Amazon’s plans to start investing in Scandinavia. As usual everything is quite hush-hush and we can´t know for sure, what they´re up to. Amazon’s spokesperson in London, Suzi Van der Mark, stated that no official announcement had been made about what their plans are – or are not – regarding Scandinavia. Continue reading “Amazon Goes to Denmark”