A Sneak Peek at Temperature: Bitter Cold

Today we have a sneak peek from author Adam Santo’s paranormal fantasy, Temperature: Bitter Cold.

Adam Santo offers this riveting sequel to his debut dark fantasy novel of the Temperature Trilogy. It will have readers twisting and turning in their seat. A magnificent blend of intrigue and suspense, with a dash of trenchant wit. Sally’s trek through a world of unimaginable creatures will bring her face to face against a menacing entity to outdo them all – the church’s secret division, The Cross. Sally has been kidnapped by them and Bocnic, her zombie-fied knight in slightly shiny armor, must find her before it’s too late. And, that’s just the beginning. Much more stirs beneath the deviously shallow waters of life than either of them know about. Will riptides of a forlorn lover drive a wedge between Sally and Bo? How will this bitterly end?

This title is available from Amazon.

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Video Trailer: Zombie Gang: Regenerated Earth

Everyone died in the aftermath of the devastating Devil Virus that ravaged the entire population of Earth. There were no survivors. Five days later, however, the freshly dead returned to life.

Zombie Gang: Regenerated Earth tells a different kind of apocalyptic zombie story. Some returned as Deadheads, who are like predatory flesh-eating zombies. Another group of self-aware beings that have retained some of their human traits also rises from the dead. A combination of human and zombie, they are called Zumans. It is a war of undead versus the undead.

A teen horror novel that is disgusting enough to make the hairs on your neck stand up, but PG enough to keep the adults off your back.

Zombie Gang: Regenerated Earth, the young adult horror novel by author B. R. Stranges, is available in eBook and audio book through Amazon.com, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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Book Brief: Dark Before Dawn

Dark Before Dawn
by Stacy Juba
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Thriller
Word count: 51,000

When ESP Spells D-A-N-G-E-R…

Dawn Christian has been psychic since she was seven years old and has always considered herself an outcast. Even her own mother discourages her talent, so Dawn has kept her abilities quiet and feared a lifetime of loneliness. When she gets involved with a fortuneteller and two teenage girls who share her mysterious perception, Dawn finally belongs to a group.

As her intuition strengthens, so does Dawn’s self esteem. However, when she learns her new friends may be tied to two bizarre murders, she has an important choice to make – continue developing the talent that makes her special, or challenge the only people who have ever accepted her.

This book is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

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Traveling Terrier Tops Charts!

The new Mr. Pish book was unofficially released on 6/14/13. Within 24 hours, Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm hit #1 on the Amazon.com Hot New Releases Lists for Elementary School Books as well as Children’s Nonfiction Animal Books.

Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm is the sixth book in the Mr. Pish series by award-winning author and photographer K.S. Brooks. Filled with vivid color photos and written in an informative and lighthearted way, this book is sure to entertain and educate children about the importance of farming and agriculture.

To what does Ms. Brooks attribute the stunning success of this latest book? Sadly, after zero attempts, I was unable to reach her for comment. However, I did find a note in my handwriting that credits the eye-catching design of the book’s cover. Who was the genius behind this amazing design? We may never know. (ahem)

Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm
by K.S. Brooks
Available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and
The adventurous traveling terrier, Mr. Pish, takes us on a personally guided tour to show us what goes on at a farm. From playing with a cute lamb to driving a big swathing machine, Mr. Pish explores it all in Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm. In this sixth book in the Mr. Pish Educational Series, full color photographs and engaging text provide us with entertaining insight to teach us where our food comes from!

Be sure to check out the new website: http://mrpish.com