Sneak Peek: Face-Off

Today we have a sneak peek from author Stacy Juba’s young adult sports fiction book: Face-Off.

Brad’s twin brother T.J. has gotten himself out of the fancy prep school his father picked for him and into the public high school Brad attends. Now T.J., the bright light in his father’s eyes, is a shining new star on the hockey team where Brad once held the spotlight. And he’s testing his popularity with Brad’s friends, eyeing Brad’s girl and competing to be captain of the team. The whole school is rooting for a big double-strength win…not knowing that their twin hockey stars are heating up the ice for a winner takes all face-off.

Face-Off is available as an eBook, paperback, and audio book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

And now, an excerpt from Face-Off

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Video Trailer: Cherries

In 1970, John Kowalski was one of many young, naive teenage soldiers sent to Vietnam to fight in an unpopular war. Dubbed “Cherries” by their more seasoned peers, these newbies suddenly found themselves thrust into the middle of a nightmare. Literally forced to become men overnight, they had to learn quickly, however, they were hardly ready to absorb the harsh mental, emotional, and physical stress of war. Once they come under fire and witness death first-hand, a life changing transition begins. Are you willing to join them on their quest for survival; to experience the fear, awe, drama and sorrow, witness the bravery and sometimes laugh at their humor? Want to understand why our military heroes are different when returning home?

Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel, the historical fiction novel by author John Podlaski, is available in eBook and audio book through and Amazon UK.

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Book Brief: Now & Again

Now & Again
by E.A. Fournier
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 70,000

When a day begins with burying your wife in an Ohio graveyard, most people would agree that it can’t get much worse, but for Kendall McCaslin and his son, Josh, it can. On their way back from the cemetery they’re caught in a chain-reaction traffic crash on the freeway and both killed. Surprisingly, they don’t stay dead.

The fatal crash propels father and son into a series of alternate timeline crashes that prove equally lethal until they fashion an escape route. Confused but intact, they struggle to understand what just happened. They know they survived but they can’t comprehend where they are now or why their own memories are in such conflict. It’s not that it’s all bad: in the new timeline, Kendall’s wife turns up alive again; but Josh’s longtime girlfriend has vanished. Oh, and along the way, they suddenly learn that they aren’t the only ones jumping timelines – and those others are not at all pleased.

And that’s just for starters.

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A tribute to…you, the authors

I was sitting in the Minion’s Mess the other day, enjoying my weekly ration of gruel (a thimbleful! I’ve progressed), when the EM walked in (with his spiced lobster with baby fennel, celeriac purée, saffron beurre noisette and fennel chilli mayonnaise) and joined me. We exchanged a few pleasantries. You know the sort of thing: how was life now that I had a candle to light my quarters, did I enjoy knife and fork privileges, third-world economy, the plight of the polar bear, yada yada. Anyway, we got to talking about what to feature in my future posts, and he suggested I could perhaps write about what authors did that I might find just an eensy bit annoying. Good heavens, I thought, that would set me up for the next twelve posts! O-n-l-y  j-o-k-i-n-g…honest, honest.

But it was food for thought.

People, generally, are not backward in coming forward. We’re rather good at complaining, aren’t we? The British used not to be…stiff upper lip and all that…but we can sit along with the rest of the complaining community quite happily now. You see, it’s so easy these days: pick up the phone, or write a snotty email. No one can see you, you feel you can say what you want. Why wasn’t my fridge delivered on time? Why is there a dent in my new table? You forgot an item in my parcel. Just not good enough!!! Continue reading “A tribute to…you, the authors”