Sneak Peek: Faces

Today we have a sneak peek from the suspense novel by author Diane Winger: Faces.

What if you could no longer recognize faces?

Following a head injury from a rock climbing accident, Jessica faces a disturbing future where everyone looks like a stranger. When a team of embezzlers stumbles upon her diagnosis of prosopagnosia – face blindness – they seize the opportunity to entangle her in their scheme. As she discovers the scam and alerts the authorities, she becomes a target in a masquerade far more dangerous than the extreme sports she loves.

Faces is available through Amazon.comAmazon UK, and other online booksellers.

Here is an excerpt from FacesContinue reading “Sneak Peek: Faces”

How I Run My KDP Select Free Promotions

Now that the whole world knows that the wizard is actually a fifty-seven-year old man with a strobe light, a box of old T-Rex records, and a strong Venezuelan accent, I’ll let you in on a little secret-Free Still Works. Sometimes. And, it’s more of a lottery than it ever was. It can still be lucrative, but now, when it works, instead of paying down the mortgage, you’re financing the next month or three of writing. There are exceptions of course, and we all want to be those exceptions. Joe Konrath claims to have made 100K in six weeks following a very successful recent free promotion. Others talk of varying amounts and the numbers they bandy about all have a “k” after them. I want more “k’s”. I want to have double digit “k’s” each month. I’ve done it. More than once actually, and I’d very much like to do it again. That’s why I keep trying and I run a KDP Select free promotion every few months with one of my books. Oh, and that’s another thing, now it only seems to work if you have multiple books. Bob Mayer is right. “Content is king and promotion is queen”. You have to have more than one book out there to really take a run at this thing. Continue reading “How I Run My KDP Select Free Promotions”

Linking Books to Author Central

The last guy who told me I was wrong.

Oh my. I wish I had a dollar for each time I told someone their book wasn’t claimed to their author central page and they replied “Yes it is.”

Guess what? NO IT’S NOT.

Just because you have an Author Central page and your book is showing up on it does NOT mean it’s properly linked. Honestly, I don’t sit around making this stuff up because I’m bored.

A book which is properly claimed to an author central page will have a little drop-down arrow next to the author’s name. I’ve circled it in magenta and drawn an arrow to it in the photo below. Continue reading “Linking Books to Author Central”

How to Increase Your Internet Discoverability

I just returned from BEA (Book Expo America) in New York and boy, are my arms tired. Seriously. With publishers handing out signed ARCs right and left, I should have brought an oxcart. Aside from meeting authors and publishing professionals, scarfing up swag, and nearly getting trampled by a gang of fans waiting to see Neil Gaiman and Amy Tan, I attended a full-day event called uPublishU, which consisted of workshop after workshop of tips and best practices for self-publishing. Continue reading “How to Increase Your Internet Discoverability”