Are We There Yet?

Photo courtesy Dana Ross Martin, WANA Commons

How many of us began dreaming at a young age of the day when we would be … a Writer? I have a feeling few of us had any clue what that meant, what our definition of a Writer actually was. But we longed for that day when we would know, for sure, that we had arrived.

So what day is that?

Was it the day we finished our first book? It obviously was not any of the days we completed the sporadic poems, sonnets, haikus and short stories we all wrote during our school years. Even back then, even when we were writing constantly, we knew those were more practice than anything else. But finishing the first book … that’s a milestone. But did that make us Writers?

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Featured Book: Wardens of Light and Shadow

Wardens of Light and Shadow
by J.M. Williamson
Available on Amazon, Smashwords, and CreateSpace.

It has been nearly two hundred years since the First Great War and the ruling throne of Triclose remains vacant. Many Houses have risen up to take the throne and failed. The people of this land of eternal war have only seen two generations of relative peace in the last two hundred years and very few believe there will ever be peace on Triclose until the ruling throne is filled. War has become life and life has become war for the inhabitants of Triclose. Children are raised on stories of their ancestors and noble battles against life-long enemies. Thus, with each new generation loyalties are sworn, hatreds renewed and the wars begin anew. Yet, even as the people of Triclose and the world of Kylir fight their wars and do their best to live their lives, there are stirrings of a war more ancient than anything they could imagine and with the cataclysmic potential to reshape Kylir for all time….

What is Big Publishing Worried About?

I keep seeing reports that all is well in the world of big publishing. Some say it is better than ever. I’ve seen a number of articles that run the numbers and conclude that traditional publishing is not only well, it’s getting better.

That’s curious. Are there more people buying books than ever before? I ask, because with each passing year, indies take a larger percentage of the market share – a market that had been exclusively under the dominion of big traditional publishing.

Perhaps the difference is attributable to all the big new bookstore chains opening up. Oh, that’s right. Several of the big bookstore chains have gone under. That left a vacuum which is being partially filled by smaller stores. Here’s a horrifying thought: some of the new stores carry indie titles. Hmmm… I am at a loss to explain all the sanguinity.

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