Sneak Peek: Nobility

Today we have a sneak peek from the science fiction novel by Eva Caye: Nobility.

Prince Matthieu is the near-perfect Heir Second, a tremendous support to his grandparents the Emperor and Empress, but his abandonment issues, secret missions, and need for an intelligent lady strong enough to be his future Empress stifle his love life. How can he find a lady who will support him mind, body, and spirit?

And when turmoils arise over the Attican Reparations Project, will his multitude of skills help him overcome devastating loss? From lessons in authority and responsibility to taking on covert operations, how will he survive the death of his greatest role model?

Nobility (To Be Sinclair Series) is available from and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from Nobility

Matthieu had been riding a bare ten minutes when Richard thundered up to him on Beauty the next morning. “Man, I can’t believe you! Having breakfast on your balcony with a lady is no way to hide!”

“Why should I hide anything? Everyone knows everything about us, anyway,” Matthieu explained reasonably. “I even announced my intentions in front of all my friends and a huge number of ladies at the ball.”

“Yeah, Theo told us after breakfast.” Richard grinned. “I can’t wait for the sex talk, myself. When did Father give it to you?”

“About fifteen and a half, so he’ll probably make you wait until Midwinter,” Matthieu teased.

“Oh, groan! Kayla’s already had the talk with Aunt Elizabeth; she was bragging about it last night,” Richard blabbed.


“Yeah. She’s really been insufferable lately,” he groused. “She would hardly dance with anyone at the Fête; she kept saying, ‘It’s not like I’m going to be dating boys,’ in the snottiest tone possible.” Richard looked thoughtful. “I wonder if Elizabeth knows about Kayla’s behavior. It doesn’t seem like she would put up with it.”

“True. What about you?”

Richard stiffened so fast that his horse interpreted it as a signal to stop. “What about me?”

Matthieu rode back to face him. “What about your own behavior?” Richard’s face blossomed red. “It sounds like Brian had to trounce you for hot-shotting. Your mother was onto you for diplomacy. Even Grandmother is trying to whip your attitude into shape.” He finished with a tilt of his head. “How can I possibly know whether or how much I can trust you in my future government if all I see is you acting out in desperate attempts to gain attention?”

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