Featuring your book on Indies UnlimitedWould you like to see your own book featured prominently on Indies Unlimited? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t?

Maybe you’re not rolling around in loose change from under the couch cushions and can’t come up with the $15 it costs for a featured book spot.

Here is the good news: You could win a FEATURED BOOK PROMO right here on Indies Unlimited! That’s right, a feature that is normally available only to those lucky few with the kind of walking around money that can buy a bucket of chicken at KFC could be yours for free!

The internet is where it’s happening these days, and Indies Unlimited is one of the hottest spots out there. Why, if your book hasn’t been featured here, people might wonder if you even have a book. We feel ya! That’s why we’re giving away one coveted Featured Book Promo (like this one) to one lucky IU reader. Here’s all you have to do to enter:

REQUIRED ENTRY: post in the comments section below one brief sentence telling why you love Indies Unlimited. Make sure to include a link to the book you want to have featured if you win the giveaway! (We still need to make sure it fits IU criteria and passes the IU Vetting Process!)

Additional Entry: Subscribe to Indies Unlimited, then post in the comments that you’ve subscribed. (You can subscribe here. Your subscription must be confirmed to be considered.)

Additional Entry: “Like” us on Facebook here, then come on back and post in the comments that you’ve done so.

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This way, you have FOUR – can you believe? – four chances to win that awesome ad spot! If you already like, follow, or are subscribed to us, that’s okay – just let us know in the comments below and that counts as an entry.

Fine print/contest rules: you have until 5 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, March 30, 2014 to get your entries posted in the comments below. Staff members/minions of Indies Unlimited are not eligible to enter. Books must fit the Indies Unlimited criteria as posted all over the damn site (no erotica, politics, or religious books, etc., etc.). Limit four entries per contestant. Contestants must have reached puberty to be considered. Void in states, countries, and anywhere else this is prohibited. Drawing will be done by the high-tech method of putting names in a container and pulling one out, so the more entries the better. Don’t annoy us by asking dumb questions, or your entries could be lost – by accident of course. Did we mention void where prohibited? Make sure to be nice and thank us for this awesome opportunity. We work for free, you know.

Author: Administrators

All Indies Unlimited staff members, including the admins, are volunteers who work for free. If you enjoy what you read here - all for free - please share with your friends, like us on Facebook and Twitter, and if you don't know how to thank us for all this great, free content - feel free to make a donation! Thanks for being here.

47 thoughts on “The YOUR BOOK HERE Contest”

  1. I’ve been coming to IU for a few years–ever since I hit “publish” on my first novel, and it’s been a wonderful, user-friendly resource that has provided excellent instructions on increasing discoverability, networking opportunities with other authors and reviewers, and has just been a fun source of entertainment for all things in the publishing world.

    (I already follow on FB and Twitter.)

    Book: Dark Lady of Doona

  2. Can I have more than more chances to win? If not then I am done.

    More than anything it is your staff and contributors. KS Brooks, Martin Crosbie and Yvonne Hertzberger to name a few. Must I go on?

    1. Yes, I have finally subscribed!!! I am already following you on Twitter and that thing called Facebook.

      I do think this is a great site and keeps getting better and better. Just wish the same would happen to my brain.

      Here is the link for my book Shattered Reality.

  3. I love Indies Unlimited and have learned a lot from all of your posts. I have a question and hope you don’t find this annoying. While I plan to self publish a book soon, so far my books are traditionally published in print so technically I’m not an “Indie.” I have an agent and both of my books received cash advances before writing them. Don’t be jealous. A Kindle book sold at $2.99 with 70% royalties will earn the author more money per sale than my trad-pub book selling for $16.95 with 8.75% royalties. The book I’m promoting now, Bountiful Bonsai, won’t be released until December although it is already available for preorder through Amazon. Do I need to wait until this book is released and are only Indie -pub books eligible for this contest?

    1. Hi Richard, if your books are published by an indie publishing house, then you are an indie author. Many of the IU staff have books published through small, independent publishing houses. Books that are not yet “in print” are not eligible for any IU features as they cannot be vetted. I hope this answers all your questions.

      1. One more question for future reference. I’m not sure if TuttlePublishing qualifies as a small, independent publisher. Their headquarters is in Hong Kong although I deal with their New York office and I don’t know if small indie publishers typically pay a $4000 cash advance before writing a book. Otherwise, I realize it is not eligible yet anyway. I look forward to entering these contests after I self publish a book.

        1. Richard,

          According to the meta information from Tuttle’s own website, they are an indie publisher. Basically, any publisher that is not a subsidiary of the big 4/5/6 would be an indie publisher.

          tuttle publishing - Google Search

  4. I just subscribed and I had previously liked and follow IndiesU on FB.

    To paraphrase (and expand a bit) on a popular bumper sticker:

    As smallpress/indie authors we’re all in the business of subverting the existing big publisher dominated paradigm, there are few groups doing more to help us than Indies Unlimited.

  5. Indies Unlimited sends mounds of help and support to authors and is a great Free Resource. I am happily following the sites and posts. Good luck everyone.

  6. Yes, please count me in as a devoted follower on all the means available. You may be surprised that your reach extends right down to writers who don’t even own a computer, as your disciples down here in NZ share your words of wisdom at writing groups and public talks, spreading the news of hope in the publishing world. We follow your precepts – quality of writing, proper editing, attention to detail, and treating our readers with respect. (‘Thou shalt not spam’ and all that.)
    It would be great to see some of you in person one day – Stephen I know you dislike flying but the way you’re going mate, you’ll be able to walk across the ocean to get here.

    Here’s the book.
    SUNSTRIKE (post-apocalyptic crime novel)

  7. I already like and subscribe, and the main reason I like Indies Unlimited is that your posts asking us to list our books under a certain price actually sell books. Well, the other main reason — the first main reason is that I’ve learned a lot here.

    I have a book that will go on sale April 1st, and that’s the book I’d like to have featured if I win. But it doesn’t have a sales link yet. Will it work if I send it to you then?

    1. Hi M.M., we can’t accept books that have yet to be published because without a purchase link, the book cannot be vetted. Do you have a book currently available?

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