Dream Quest One Poetry And Writing Contest

sunflower11th76j-300x269The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open to anyone who enjoys expressing innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful literary art of poetry or writing a story that is worth telling everyone. Write a poem, 30 lines or fewer on any subject and/or write a short story, 5 pages maximum length on any theme for a chance to win cash awards!


Prizes: Writing First Prize: $500, 2nd: $250, 3rd: $100
Poetry First Prize: $250, 2nd: $125, 3rd: $50

Entry fees: $5 per poem/ $10 per story

Postmark deadline: July 31, 2013

For more information, please visit their website.

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Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this contest information for the convenience of our readers. We do not, however, endorse this or any contest/competition. Entrants should always research a competition prior to entering.

Video Trailer: Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm

The adventurous traveling terrier, Mr. Pish, takes us on a personally guided tour to show us what goes on at a farm. From playing with a cute lamb to driving a big swathing machine, Mr. Pish explores it all in Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm. In this sixth book in the Mr. Pish Educational Series, full color photographs and engaging text provide us with entertaining insight to teach us where our food comes from!

Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm, the educational children’s book by K. S. Brooks, is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Smashwords and other online retailers.. Companion app also now available on iTunes!

Don’t forget, you can cast your vote for trailer of the month on April 26, 2014 at 5 p.m. Pacific time.

One Author Has Success with Free Books

Branded for Murder #4 - Amazon FreeAfter trying different approaches to market my books using “free” periods on Amazon’s KDP Select program, I finally found some success. When I combined holidays with multiple free books, the result was a large volume of downloads with actual sales following the free period.

In the last three years I have self-published six books. Four are part of my Scott Tucker series which is set back in the 60’s in Boston. However, like most new authors, I have the problem of being discovered. As many know, the KDP Select program allows five free days during any ninety-day period which can be used to bring attention to new authors.

When I began using this ‘free’ approach, I made the first book in the series free, hoping to attract attention to that book and the series. Later, I made another book in the series free hoping it would also bring attention to that novel and the series. It sounded good, but this serialized approach did not provide actual book sales (a sales bump) following these free periods. Continue reading “One Author Has Success with Free Books”