Writing, Madness, and Voice

brain sketch3A recent article on the Thought Catalog talked about the relationship between writing and mental illness that sparked quite a discussion. Our own Lynne Cantwell gave a very thoughtful and intelligent response here. For many of us, the most offensive paragraph (of several) in the original article was this:

The common theory for why writers are often depressed is rather basic: writers think a lot and people who think a lot tend to be unhappy. Add to that long periods of isolation and the high levels of narcissism that draws someone to a career like writing, and it seems obvious why they might not be the happiest bunch.

To my mind, this author made many ridiculous and unsubstantiated assumptions, but I’ll confine my response to two of them. Per his paragraph above,

  1. People write because they are drawn to isolation.
  2. People write because they are highly narcissistic.

I have a different theory. I believe people write because that is the voice that serves them best. Let me explain this through my own experience. Continue reading “Writing, Madness, and Voice”

Featured Selections from Nicole McGehee

Glamourous, sexy page-turners best describe Nicole McGehee’s romantic novels. Though not a series, both feature strong heroines who are ground-breakers for their eras. McGehee tackles tough subjects – personal tragedy, racial prejudice, sexism – with an approach that involves the reader in the moment.

You will laugh, cry, and recognize aspects of your own life as you immerse yourself in the dramas created in McGehee’s Regret Not a Moment and No More Lonely Nights. You’ll travel the world, from Virginia horse country to sultry New Orleans; Paris to post World War II Egypt.

McGehee’s motto is, “Escape and enjoy!”

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LynneQuisition: Donna Huber, Girl Who Reads

Interviews by Lynne CantwellBe honest: who among us indies hasn’t fantasized about having the sort of publishing success that E.L. James has had? Say what you will about 50 Shades of Grey, the woman knows how to sell books. What’s her secret? Here with the inside scoop is Donna Huber, marketing professional, author of Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour, and book blogger at Girl Who Reads.

Donna, thanks very much for taking a seat in the comfy chair and submitting to this LynneQuisition. First…well, I have to ask: How did you end up working with E.L. James?

Continue reading “LynneQuisition: Donna Huber, Girl Who Reads”