Eysol: Eye Care for Editors

EysolWe know. Editors work hard. After a grueling day of reading all those words, your eyes are screaming for relief. But regular eye drops are not going to get rid of that stinging caused by all the errant commas, misplaced modifiers, and just really bad grammar. You need something industrial: something you know will make you forget what you just read. Your wish is now granted!

The professionals at Indies Unlimited Laboratories have perfected a new product just for you: Eysol Eye Wipes!

That’s right, now you can find relief after reading a horrendous manuscript! Just pluck an Eysol Eye Wipe from the container, apply to your eyes as directed, and you’ll forget every torturous word! We even left out the second ‘e’ in Eyesol so you’d have something to correct! Because we care that much! Remember, the burning shows it’s working!

Use as directed. Not to be taken internally. Common side effects include painful ocular burning, stinging, swelling, and redness; temporary blindness; sore throat from screaming due to painful ocular burning and stinging; incontinence; and memory loss.

Amp Up Your Story Development

where do you get your story ideas?Over the past couple of nights, I’ve had a sequential dream. It’s turning into a really cool book … one day. It got me thinking. How do you come up with your book ideas? Typically, the dream thing isn’t my best fodder for novels. This one just happens to keep returning night after night. I keep a notebook in my nightstand for those occasions. I’ve been known to get up at 3:00 in the morning and blast off ideas into a Word document just so I won’t forget them in the morning.

As I said, I don’t normally get my inspiration from dreams. The Van Stone series is more of a planned series, fictionalizing events and adventures that kids would likely not experience. As with many of you, my characters lead the way and talk to me way too much. At this time, I have five different adventures conceptualized for the series. I’ve actually written parts of most of them (which is why it’s taking so long to get out #2 in the series.) Continue reading “Amp Up Your Story Development”

Featured Book: Love Sleeps in the Forest

Love Sleeps in the Forest
by G.M. Hague
Categories: Mystery, thriller, suspense, crime drama
Available from Amazon.

James is the worst kind of serial killer, because he’s the last person you will fear. He’s kind, considerate, well-educated and likeable. Women find him attractive. The girls that fall in love with James, he buries in a forest, where they sleep. James might even be a friend of yours.


A surprised cry from behind made me jump.

I turned and recovered first. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.’

She stood uncertainly, a pile of books in her arms. ‘It’s okay. I didn’t see you, it’s so dark. They should fix the damned car park lights here.’

‘Are you all right?’ My instincts were prickling. I tried to keep my voice calm.

She nodded at her car. ‘I just want to put these on the passenger seat.’

‘Right, of course,’ I said, quickly stepping back.

‘Oh – okay, thanks.’ She moved forward and bent to fit her car key into the door.

‘You’ve been studying?’ I asked.

‘No, I’m the librarian here. I’m taking these home to fix – oh damn!’ The books slid from her arms to the ground. She cursed softly again and crouched to retrieve them.

I leaned forward, reaching. She probably thought I was going to help.

What others are saying:

“Every woman should read how this guy chooses his victims and stalks them in broad daylight.” – Vbthedog

World Building In Fiction

about_usAll writing requires a setting, something to connect that writing to. In the case of technical or scientific writing the setting will be the program, research, or piece of machinery you wish to explain. In the case of non-fiction it will be based on a real place and time.

My particular interest is in the writing of fiction. Why? Because that’s what I do. That’s what I know best. Continue reading “World Building In Fiction”