Black Denim Lit Seeks Submissions

logo-narrow-text-178x178Black Denim Lit welcomes new and established writers for online and print literary journal. Fiction up to 7,500 words that has unique, lasting artistic merit, will consider novelettes up to 17,500 words on a case by case basis, and some genre work. Writer-focused, personal feedback and fast response. Why “Black Denim”…? It’s understated and unpretentious, typifying the tone of style that appeals: grounded, approachable and unassuming.

Entry Fee: NONE

Deadline: Monthly deadlines, see website for more info.

Prizes: Offers token payment.

Visit the website for more information.

Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this information as a public service. We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any specific events, conferences, workshops, or programs. Persons interested in participating are responsible for performing their own due diligence and research.

Video Trailer: Undertow

UndertowNavy Lt. Darrell Warren thinks he’s being sent to investigate a terrorist threat against a critical bridge-tunnel. Instead, his commander orders him to infiltrate the terrorists. And he must do it without his housemates – Sue’s on vacation and Tess is chasing a hurricane. When all three end up in Virginia Beach on Labor Day, you can bet the gods want Darrell to succeed. But will that be enough?

Undertow: Land, Sea, Sky Book 2, the urban fantasy by Lynne Cantwell, is available from, Smashwords, Amazon UK, and other online booksellers.

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Howling at the Moon

HowlingOver the years, before Indies Unlimited, I wrote by myself for myself; until whatever I was writing was ready for publication no one but me, apart from my editor, heard the sound of my voice.

I suppose I’ve always been a bit of a loner. I’ve never played or supported any sporting teams; in fact games of any description have never interested me. What pastimes I do have (and I use that term loosely) are quite solitary affairs and so it probably comes as no surprise that I’m pretty much a loner with my writing too. I used to think that was part and parcel of being a writer, I therefore felt a kinship with those iconic, and supposedly reclusive, writers I had always held in high regard. Continue reading “Howling at the Moon”