One-liners April Edition

enticing eyesIf your book were a conversation, what is the one sentence someone might overhear that would make them want to listen to more? Let’s see if you can intrigue, entice, and invite readers with one line from your book. (Just keep it safe-for-work, please.)

Go ahead and show off your writing chops. This feature is NOT restricted to bargain books. One line per book. One entry per comment, please. We will convert your link to a clickable book cover. Do not attempt to insert an image in comments on your own.

Just put the following information in the comment section:

1. ONE SENTENCE of narrative or dialogue from your book (not a paragraph – not an exchange between characters, and no F-Bombs or sex scenes);

2. The title of the book from whence that that gem of writing came;

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1. He puffed his chest out like an anemic rooster, then swept Lila off her feet and threw her over his shoulder.
2. Triple Dog Dare
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58 thoughts on “One-liners April Edition”

  1. Beyond it was a blackness that felt all consuming, as if it had eaten the land and the air and was waiting for us to cross so it could devour us too.

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  2. “My fearless swain had not given up on me, and when Joey wasn’t looking, he made gestures some girls down on Sunset might find romantic, if they were followed by cash and a cab ride home.”
    The Joke’s on Me

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  3. “She is the focal point in Daniel’s sketch: a spray of black hair and white sweatshirt, slightly off center, holding the rake as if she might begin dancing with it when time unfroze.”
    Drawing Breath

  4. “The faces had changed as students—mostly foreign, mostly male—had come and gone, leaving their strange cooking smells, colognes, and Emerson behind.”
    Sliding Past Vertical

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  5. Determined never to give into another beating without a fight, I’m prepared to stick that knife right through him!
    ‘Surviving the Battleground of Childhood’

  6. “When the band played ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever’ in concert and Melinda stood up into the light for her piccolo solo—the sweetest banshee cries the world has ever known—her blue eyes were frozen into ice for thirty-two measures of leaps and trills, while her hair could not be restrained.:
    “The Lady of the Blue Hour”

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  7. A flash of lightning eerily, illuminates the scene and I scream at his prone, unconscious form.
    ‘I Was a Teenage Devil But I’m Alright Now!’

  8. Other than having different color eyes – her right eye was brown and her left blue – everything about Penny seemed quite normal, but appearances can be deceiving.
    Misaligned: The Celtic Connection (Book 1 of the Misaligned series)

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  9. “…I mean, seriously, what could be worse than having a homicidal, violence-loving, all-powerful, over-sized Celtic garden gnome with 2,000 years of resentment toward the human race running loose in the world?”
    Misaligned: The Silver Scepter (Book 2 of the Misaligned series)

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  10. I felt my skin prickle; every nerve in my body went to red alert as I realised the figure in the doorway was a large spotted hyena It’s head was thrust forward aggressively, its eyes fixed on me….
    Sorcerers and Orange Peel, by Ian Mathie

  11. But no, somehow they totally lack emotion: their cold colour matches the cruel intent behind them.
    ‘John Farrell Is Utrinque Paratus’

  12. I feel like a caged animal at the zoo, on display for the morbid curiosity of others.

    Allergic to Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope

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  13. “It’s not a bad thing to play second fiddle if the first chair is a virtuoso.”

    How to Survive When the Bottom Drops Out


  14. “Observe the deeds of a tribe to know the worth of its people.”

    ‘Terra Nullius’

  15. “But this was no normal job for Liggett; lying on the slab not two feet away was the slain body of 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

    The President’s Mortician


  16. The water slapped up against him, clear and greenish on one side, and swirled away from him, blood-streaked and brownish on the other.

    Queen’s Gold

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  17. My life changed after I died
    Karma Visited

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  18. Bringing it to her face, she said, “Just a little snack,” and as he fought and struggled and screamed, she slipped his pinky into her stinking mouth and bit off the tip at the knuckle.
    The Blessed Man and the Witch


  19. Laura appeared relieved at this volcanic eruption of happiness being spewed towards her and stepped back several feet from its epicenter, as I continued to analyze the reflection of this new “me” in the mirror.
    Fade to Gray (A Short Story)

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  20. “With all the snow, sometimes I couldn’t tell where the land stopped and the sky started.” – Mr. Pish, Postcards from Mr. Pish Volume 2

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  21. “Out of the corner of her eye she notices the tick-tock sway of the bulb flickering its last and she senses she is doomed; knows it as surely as the fact that the rusting chain will swing again, back and forth, forever.”
    I Dream of Zombies

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  22. “The buzzing of Cidenet’s wings met my ears above the whispering of the leaves and I wondered why I had not been able to hear them before.”

    The Sea Inside

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  23. “From nicked knickers to stolen soap, invisible people walking dogs to men in showers and invisible flashers, Detective Smarts had almost had enough already.”

    Day of the Pesky Shadow

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  24. “It has been one of the most shocking and brutal crimes our community has ever suffered, and we can confirm that six bodies were found in the cellar, all mutilated beyond recognition…”

    From Thirteen: Special Edition by Kevin Hall.

  25. I lost my virginity on a bitter cold night in the first week of December, while a vicious northeast wind blasted snow across the dormant sugar beet fields and whipped naked poplars shivering along the fence lines.

    Double Image

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  26. “You have, in one single night, ruined your reputation in this community by throwing a hell of a party, with quality liquor for underage drinking, a near drowning in the pool, multi-partner premarital sex and a visit from the coroner.”
    From the novel: D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same

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  27. The moon was a stone’s throw away from the Jack Pine Stretch and the lights of the town were nothing but a distant memory and the three of us were bunched together in the front seat of the pickup on account of the back seat being crammed full of Tyree.

    I’m glad to Tweet this out for you folks. Would have got here sooner but I worked today.

  28. 1: But hindsight is useful only for self-recrimination, which is to say, not at all.
    2: The Dreamt Child, Book Three of Earth’s Pendulum

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  29. 1: I felt no pain now; not the weariness from my headlong flight, not the burning of the pain in my fingers, nor the bone deep chill in my limbs.
    2: Through Kestrel’s Eyes: Book Two of Earth’s Pendulum
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  30. 1: She suppressed the impulse to gag from the reek of burnt buildings and charred flesh. Even the usual stench of the privy was preferable to this.
    2: Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum
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  31. “Without thinking, she headed east and south, back to her river, her village, and her memories before the gruesome time.”
    This is “South of Burnt Rocks–West of The Moon”.
    The Amazon link is here:
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  32. “Brothers, I knew it must be them I’d caught sight of, lurking in the shadows at the foot of the stairs..”
    This is “Jacob’s Ladder’

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  33. The flat crack of a rifle brought Green instantly awake.
    from: CHINESE TAKE-OUT, an international thriller that is the first fiction book by Ian Mathie
    Amazon link:
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  34. Trying to eat would be like trying to drink a glass of milk through a straw while running a marathon; it’s just easier to starve.
    From: With Angel’s Wings

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