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Jim Case is the main character of Bad Book, by K.S. Brooks. Stephen Hise, and JD Mader. According to Case, he is irresistibly attractive to women. The women have a different take on it.

Yet, there is little time to find out how long women can resist his manly charms, as Case is thrown from one adventure to another.

In Bad Book, Case is cast in various heroic roles, including vampire-hunter, spaceship captain, cowboy, swashbuckling swordsman, dragon-slayer, treasure-hunter, lord of the jungle, and more.

In each role, he may be in over his head, but what he lacks in skills, he more than makes up for in his lack of courage. As Case might put it, “I’m here for two things: to make love to sexy women and to seriously kick ass. Mostly, the first thing.”

Flanked in his many adventures by his rotund sidekick Norman and superhottie Elizabeth, Case takes on villains from every literary genre. The one thing he hates is when these villains try to play dumb with him. When they’re going up against Case, that’s a game they can’t win.

Here is a taste of Case in action:

The next thing I knew, I was completely naked, and staked to the ground. I didn’t understand what had happened. Last I remembered, I had been on good terms with the Apache. It seems things had changed. Maybe the chief was taking that “married to his daughter” thing a little more seriously than I had expected. But if that’s the case, where was my aggrieved soon-to-be widow? The chief walked away.

I looked around as best I could, though my vantage point was less than I would have liked. Also, I’m not going to say the fire ants weren’t a little distracting – or would have been for a lesser man. I’m sure in my case, each one who bit me probably curled up and died a horrible death. Probably.

Suddenly, an idea struck me. I yelled for the chief. He came over and I told him I had to go to the bathroom.

He got a sour look on his face and asked, “Can’t you hold it?”

“No, man. I really, really gotta go!” I feigned a look of acute distress, surely something the chief would find convincing on my otherwise manly and stoic face.

“Number one or number two?” he asked.

“Number two. And the last thing I ate was Caribbean jerked buffalo!” I said. That sold it. The look on his face made it clear that he feared the jerked buffalo. As well he should. He had some of the boys come over and untie me, then they directed me to a bush well downwind from them.

Want to learn more about Case and his adventures? Bad Book is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and lots of other places for just 99¢. That’s cheaper than the blue plate special at Sal Minella’s, and we’re not even counting the emergency room visit.

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