Holiday Blog-Fest!

Indies Unlimited Holiday LogoHappy Holidays from all of us here at Indies Unlimited. Post a link to your blog below so everyone can see what you’re doing this holiday season during our Indies Unlimited blog-fest!

This is how it works: If you are an author, publisher, publicist, literary agent, librarian, book reviewer, (or especially a book-lover), etc., in the comments below, paste in the link for your blog, with a one sentence description of what you feature.

Show some love to the blogs in the comments above yours, by clicking over and adding them to your blogroll, liking some posts, or leaving a comment, even if that comment is nothing more  than “Indies Unlimited sent me.” Be sure to check back throughout the day to catch up. (Remember: If you right-click the link, you can open it in a new tab so you don’t have to constantly page back and forth.)

This should be fun and should generate a lot of followers for everyone who plays. We’ll kick things off with ours – don’t forget to subscribe to us here at Indies Unlimited! Let’s get the party started!

PLEASE be sure to reciprocate by liking those who like you. This is give and take. If everyone plays by the golden rule, we all benefit.

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128 thoughts on “Holiday Blog-Fest!”

        1. It’s a two-step process. MailChimp will send you an email that asks you to click through to confirm that you really wanted to subscribe. 🙂 Thanks, everybody!

  1. To this point, I have connected with everyone. Thank you for all those who are following me, I am so appreciative. Throughout today and tomorrow I will check back in to make certain that I continue to blog love everyone. Cheers.

  2. My blog is primarily posts of my podcast episodes, but also random news/updates and planning some posts on Scrivener for Windows (which seems much under-served in the Scrivener posts realm) and other such topics that don’t work well in the show 🙂

    1. Ester: Is your blog on wordpress? If it is, the way to enable people to follow is to go to WP-Admin and your Dashboard. From there go down the left side to the category ‘Appearance’ and check ‘Widgets’. Once that screen comes up you have two choices. You can add a ‘Follow Blog’ or ‘Follow Button’ to your site, and it gives you a choice of where on your blog to put it. I recommend Sidebar in one of the first three positions. Give this a try. Let me know if it works. If you’re using Blogger, K.S.’s advice is good to follow.

      1. Thanks so much Charles. I’m on the site now in widgets, and I did what you said but no “follow” widget is available. I don’t know whether I’m missing something.
        Is it a hidden item, or goes by another name?

        1. If I remember, the widgets are in alphabetical order, so in order to find the two ‘follow’ widgets, you have to scroll down. I’d seen a screen capture, but right now I’ve forgotten how to do one.

          1. It looks like you’re using the self-hosted version of WordPress and not If so, you won’t have those options by default.

            To get them, install the JetPack plugin, which is from WordPress and extends the features to self-hosted WordPress sites. It includes the subscribe, like, and share options (34 functions in all – you can turn them on/off at will). 🙂

          2. It just takes some getting used to 🙂

            I’m a web developer by trade, I live and breath this stuff, and it took me four days to find that plugin to get the features I had when I tried out the option and that others were mentioning in “things to do on your WordPress”.

            Probably would help if and the self-hosted (basically WordPress anywhere else) had different names 😉

          3. Ye, it’s true. And nice to see that experts are so helpful. I wish more indies knew about this site. I’ve promoted it whenever possible, but am going to do more now because this group is outstanding—knowledgeable, and unstintingly generous with help.
            I’ll work on finding the plugins. I haven’t set up my website properly yet because I wanted to get the blog going.

  3. Oh goodness! I just set it up two days ago and am a complete novice! I thought there was a comment section at the bottom. Help! I just this minute added a special and edited. Could that be the problem? Please take another look. Yvonne thanks for your comment.

  4. Thanks so much. I just went in and ticked comments and allow discussions, and now it’s showing “leave a reply,” but it’s requesting a log-in. So that means no one can get in without a password etc. I don’t understand! I have to get this one right!

        1. Ester, you’ll have to check your comment settings to make people who are not admins for your blog able to comment. It’s a box you uncheck, I believe. I’m in the middle of a few projects right now, but I can help you later if you don’t see it. I believe it would be under SETTINGS > DISCUSSION in the main menu.

          1. Thanks so much Charles. And thanks Kate and Yvonne for following through until I got it right. I’m always so determined, but couldn’t do it without your help. Next step is to finish my website. I love Indies Unlimited! Happy New Year wishes to all, and success with all your writing aspirations.

  5. Kate, I’m finding it hard to follow the article on blogging right now. It should be simple to add the subscribe button if I can find it. I’m on the site but can’t see it there, or in settings. I’ll have to carry on when I’m able to focus again. thanks for all the help and encouragement.
    Charles, thanks for all your input as well. I’ll keep working at it and hope to conquer. Will be grateful for all help.

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