A-Team to X-Men

David 'Wolverine" Antrobus

Like most of us, I write out of a compulsion that shares many of its qualities with mental illness. Not only voices, but entire imaginary lives being led inside the confines of my head. Horrible wracking self-doubt. Insomnia. Substance abuse. Inappropriate outbursts. Depression always waiting around the next corner, its collar turned up, lighting a cigarette… hunched and grinning.

For an activity that is predicated on communication, writing is pitifully lonely, sometimes.

You wrestle with an idea, you get some early words on the page, you can’t stop thinking about it for days, possibly weeks, until maybe it begins to take some kind of shape. You hone it, you tease it, you poke at it, you beat the living crap out of it. It beats you back. Hurts you. You live and breathe it. Then one day, it’s ready. The “market” is ready. All of a sudden, you are forced into the harsh daylight of commerce and consumerism, and you have to be able to handle that, too. Or your baby will be stillborn.

Most writers don’t handle this well. Most writers are introverts.

Which is where Indies Unlimited comes in. I look around here, at the team they’ve assembled, and I get that A-Team vibe of anticipation before a mission, or perhaps the first X-Men movie. Now sadly, I’m probably the equivalent of Murdoch and Wolverine (token Canadian), respectively, but the bigger point is that I look around me and see a talented, committed, and frankly awe-inspiring group of people, each and every one of whom has taught me something valuable in this absurd adventure, even if it’s just how to tie my shoelaces or strike a match with my thumbnail.

I just hope I don’t lower the tone too much. My writing never comes easily; I’m about as prolific as J.D. Salinger, with maybe a hundredth the talent, but I do sometimes get there and even produce the odd flawed gemstone… and when that happens, it all seems worth it.

Seriously, it’s brilliant to be on board; despite my propensity toward reclusiveness, the approval of my peers matters. So, genuine thanks for the opportunity to belong to this community. Just be gentle with me, you intimidating bunch of utter scoundrels (see how deftly I stayed PG-13, there?).

*     *     *     *     *

David Antrobus is a contributing writer for Indies Unlimited and author of the nonfiction book Dissolute Kinship: A 9/11 Road Trip. For more information, please visit the IU Bio page, and his website: The Migrant Type.

Author: David Antrobus

Born in Manchester, England, author David Antrobus currently lives in British Columbia. David also edits and writes in many styles and genres, from nonfiction to dark fantasy. He worked for twenty years with abused teens. You can also find David at his blog and at his Amazon author page.

24 thoughts on “A-Team to X-Men”

    1. Hey, no spelling glitches in *that* sentence, Laurie. See, I'm having a positive influence already. Next thing you know, it'll be all aboot Tim Horton's doughnuts (donuts?) and toques and the letter Zed around here, eh?

  1. You scare me David. Is being a little mad a requirement to be a writer? Or will I slowly go mad over the course of writing my first book? 😉

    1. I bet I scare myself more, lol. Hmmm… chicken or egg? I'd have to say it's probably both, a kind of egg-shaped thing with a beak, a bad attitude and some raggedy tailfeathers.

  2. DA, you're a doll. And don't worry, depression will eventually get lung cancer from all those cigarettes and you won't have to worry about it anymore. 😉 Welcome aboard!

    1. I like that. Give cancer to depression. That's almost a slogan right there.

      It's good to finally be on board… especially after slipping and falling in the water a couple times. I'm freezing.

  3. Greetings! The first line of your blog had me teased into reading more. Yes, I liken writing to a disease; you never feel better until you get it all out. That being said, I tend to be a prolific writer who is patiently awaiting that magical moment when I can say I've hit it big. But until then, I'm a retired Air Force x-ray tech turned farmer. I chuckled at the post by JD Mader about leaving beaver pelts at the door- I live in KY and we just happen to hunt beaver because they are a nuisance. They do, however, taste very good!

    I look forward to more of your posts!


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