The Return of Frankenstein

Frankenstein is a writer’s game wherein a story is composed of sentences contributed by different authors. We play this game a lot in Book Junkies, and everyone has a lot of fun with it.

So, I’ll kick it off with a prompt sentence, then you guys each add a sentence in the comment thread. Each subsequent sentence should feed off the sentence before it in the thread. So, let’s see what monster of a story we can stitch together.

One note though: PG-13 type blog—keep it clever but clean.

Prompt sentence:

Belinda had felt good about the interview until the final question.


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  1. The question hung in the air like stale tobacco smoke as the seconds ticked loudly on the cheap wall clock.

  2. Seized by a sudden and overwhelming hankering for calamari, her telescoping jaws bit off that deliciously tentacled head; it wasn't until the meal was completely devoured that she even paused to contemplate her getaway.

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