Video Trailer: Rising from the Shadow of the Sun

This is the inspiring story of a little girl, a Prisoner of the Japanese in WW II on Java, who makes her dreams come true by determination, faith and love. A historical account of the horrors of life in a Japanese prison camp for women and children followed by Ronny’s memoir of life after the war in Indonesia, the Netherlands and the USA make it a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit.

Rising from the Shadow of the Sun is available through Amazon.comAmazon UKBarnes & Noble and other online book stores.

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14 thoughts on “Video Trailer: Rising from the Shadow of the Sun”

  1. The book is worth reading and I’m hoping the trailer is a prelude to the movie. This story needs to be told over and over so we don’t forget.

  2. Excellent trailer! Hoping a longer film will soon be in the making to shed some light on this forgotten bit of history. Wish I could go see it tomorrow!

    1. Thank you very much, Jacqueline. I welcome your support through comments and reviews and likes. Networking is so important to the cause of highlighting this virtually unknown part of history.

  3. Great job with the book trailer video, Ronny! It did its job as I’m about to head over to Amazon for the ebook. 🙂

    I really feel book trailers are just now taking off and are a fantastic idea for authors. I’ve been interested in our business, Making A Scene Prodcutions, producing some in the future. I found your posting on Prescott Writers’ Facebook page and had to come check it out. Best wishes with your book’s success!

    Deb Gallegos

  4. Great trailer! I will make the time to read your book, it hits very close to home as my mom lived this too. ( I am Idza’s daughter) I look forward to meeting you next week at mom’s.

    1. Elsje! Thank you for watching and for writing a comment here. If you can finish the book before we meet, I can answer any questions you may have. Also, I will bring my DVD with slides of the whole book, just in case someone wants to watch it. Thanks again!

  5. A professional trailer about a moving personal story with some interesting twists, absolutely recommend it, must see, must read!!

  6. Your video trailer is well done! I voted for yours Ronny and have passed your website on to friends and family. I agree with previous posts that a movie of your story and about this time in history must be told.

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