Sneak Peek: Caught in the Dragon Cove

Caught in the Dragon CoveToday we have a sneak peek of Author Ressa Empbra’s new science fiction fantasy book, Caught in the Dragon Cove.

Working for a covert government agency, Iax travels the world—and beyond. She also journeys out of this world to other Realms in various Dimensions, of which only a privileged few know. Her job: Putting a halt to imminent battles and wars—before it’s too late. Finding herself in a heated battle in the Dragon Cove Realm of the Dragon Dimension, Iax assumes the usual; get in, get the job done, get out. Easy-peasy. This mission is like no other, however, as it will change her life in ways she never could have imagined. Get Caught in the Dragon Cove where secrets and tempting passions lurking just out of sight, will be revealed.

Caught in the Dragon Cove is available exclusively on and Amazon UK as an e-book.

And now, an excerpt from Caught in the Dragon Cove:

“Ho! Hold up, Mazar!” a male gruffly called out to him only steps from his front door. He quietly groaned and winced before forcing his watery eyes open a mere crack, just enough to see who approached him. He already knew he would be called upon by their Weyr Chief at any time, but this was not the Chief; a blessing, and one for which he was grateful.

Mazar turned to face the male who had called his name, and saw Frayier, a longtime friend of his, and one who had gone with him on his fool’s errand. Memories of his deceit and the lies he had made up to get them all to go, made him feel like retching again. For his conduct, for his sheer stupidity, all of which would certainly land all of them in a load of trouble. He fought back the bile rising in the back of his throat to address his friend.

“Ah, Frayier. How are you this morn?” Frayier stopped only inches away from Mazar, anger oozed from him, heavy and sizzling. Mazar had never seen the like from him. Guilt, even more than moments ago, rose up in Mazar again, nearly choking him as he awaited the male’s reply.

“You dare to pretend all is well? Are you mad? Word is spreading like fire that we abducted Gordell’s female. You said our Chief wanted her for bargaining purposes, but you lied to all of us! My own Truemate would not even allow me the comfort of her warmth, nor to lie in my own bed last eve! And she only knows a small portion of this story. How can you even show your face now? The Chief never knew, did he? Do not think to lie to me once more!” he hissed out.

What to say to that? I have made trouble for many innocent, decent warriors and to what end? Did I truly think any benefit would come of my stupidity? Stop grumbling to yourself and pay the male the answer to which he is due!  Mazar tried to square his shoulders, wishing he had at least thought ahead and came up with a good story. Or even a bad story. Nothing, he had precisely nothing… but the truth. “You are correct in what you say, Frayier. I do not have an explanation for my actions. I can give you an apology, but I know it will not begin to make up for what I have done. I believe I am going fully mad, though. I cannot sleep without the aid of large amounts of fire-brew; the buzzing in my head makes me conjure up thoughts better left unspoken; my head throbs and pains me night and day. I need my Truemate more than the air I breathe, and I do not know how much longer I can go on this way. I—I…” Mazar trailed off with a sigh, deeply regretting his actions.

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