Richard Levesque Announces New Title

Author Richard Levesque is pleased to announce the release of his new mystery novel, Strictly Analog.

Ted Lomax is a private detective in a high-tech future where nothing is private any more. California has separated from the economically collapsed United States, and Ted makes living on the fringes, skirting the new technology and solving cases for clients who have secrets to keep. When his daughter is accused of murder, Ted does all he can to uncover the truth, risking the anonymity that is his greatest strength and embracing the new technology even though it means taking risks that could get him killed as he uncovers secrets bigger than he could have imagined.

“It seamlessly blends the classic pulp private dick character of Raymond Chandler and the darkly humorous science fiction of Philip K. Dick into a wonderful read.” – Mary C. Moore of Mary’s Book Reviews

Strictly Analog became available in September 2012. It is available in print and as an eBook from and Amazon UK.

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