Sneak Peek: Stumbling Through The Dark

Today we have a sneak peek from the memoir by author Thelma Zirkelbach: Stumbling Through The Dark.

When her husband Ralph is diagnosed with leukemia, Thelma Zirkelbach accompanies him on a journey through hope, fear and medical mishaps, ending with his death. An interfaith couple, their different ways of coping with life’s greatest spiritual challenge, its end, adds tension to a dark year. But they stumble along together and after his death she trudges on alone, taking as her mantra a Yiddish proverb: “When one must, one can.” After coping with a possum in her bathroom one dark night, she realizes she’s taken the proverb to heart. Although she’s lost her husband, she’s found herself.

Stumbling Through The Dark is available from and Amazon UK.

And now, an excerpt from Stumbling Through The Dark

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Indie News Beat: All the News that Fits

Welcome once again ladies and gentlemen to the Indie News Beat. No, Chris James is not back yet.

However, I want to assure our loyal IU readers that the Indie News Beat still contains a full serving of vowels and consonants. You may notice the zesty and slightly bitter flavor of some snark, but you’ll get used to it. It’s an acquired taste. So, from around the globe and down the street, here is what’s happening in the world of publishing: Continue reading “Indie News Beat: All the News that Fits”

Press Release Mania: Reasons to Issue a News Release

Two weeks ago we ran a tutorial on press releases. If you missed that, you can read it here. That article caused quite a stir, and a number of people responded with “Oh, man! I wish I’d had this information when my book came out!” But a new book release is not the only thing worthy of the local news. There are other ways and reasons to get press which often go overlooked. (One way that tends to get overlooked is sending your news to radio and television stations. Make sure to include them, too!) Here are a few reasons to generate a news release: Continue reading “Press Release Mania: Reasons to Issue a News Release”

How To Make Your Book A Chart Topper

Have you ever wondered how those lucky authors get into the top one hundred on Amazon and yearn to join them? If only you could get a break, your book would break free from the pack and become a best-seller.

Just how many sales do you need to rise in the charts? 2,000? 200? Using Novelrank, I discovered that even two or three sales seemed to get my books to move quite significantly up the charts – admittedly, it was still lurking about in the thousands—however, I had a theory that might ensure it a place in the hundreds. Continue reading “How To Make Your Book A Chart Topper”