Sneak Peek: Moon Signs

Today we have a sneak peek from Moon Signs, the cozy mystery by author Helen Haught Fanick.

Sisters Andrea and Kathleen are happily searching an old hotel in the Canaan Valley for paintings once owned by their grandparents—paintings they hope are Monets. Then their hotelkeeper is murdered, and Kathleen immediately starts tracking down the murderer. There are many clues and many suspects, including hotel staff, valley residents, and the mysterious foreigners who come from the Eastern Seaboard for skiing. There are also many types of danger—icy roads, sub-zero temperatures, and a killer who doesn’t care how many people die as long as the right ones do.

This book is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from Moon Signs

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Video Trailer: Blue Food and other menu items

The works of Ken La Salle range from the bizarre to the whimsical and even further beyond still. In Blue Food and other menu items, Ken La Salle treats you to a dozen tales, hilarious and deeply strange. Blue Food and other menu items is a little taste of craziness to lighten the soul — and it’ll only lighten your wallet a tiny bit.

Blue Food and other menu items, the short story collection by author Ken La Salle, is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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Chris James: I admit J.K. Rowling wrote my books

Following fast on the heels of the news that J.K. Rowling wrote The Cuckoo’s Calling under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith, author Chris James today admitted it was actually J.K. Rowling who wrote all his books. In a stunning announcement that has turned the publishing world on its feet then back on its head, James said:

“Yes, I’m afraid so. For the last three years I’ve been lying to all of you, and I’m deeply sorry, ashamed, and distraught. But now it’s time to reveal the truth. I bumped into Joanne in a café a few years back, and she asked me to self-publish these ground-breaking science fiction novels on her behalf, because she wanted to know how they would fare if everyone thought they’d been written by an unknown author. Well, she certainly got her answer!


“However, I can’t go on any longer with this shameful pretence. I cannot look my children in the eye again and tell them that their daddy wrote the books dedicated to them. I must end this empty charade! In my abject misery into which this revelation has thrown me, I only hope that you, my dear readers, will find a small place in your hearts to forgive me for this hopelessly cynical betrayal. I promise I won’t do it again.”


James’ news release also came with this boilerplate disclaimer:

None of this is true. Ms Rowling is of course entitled to leave as extensive a literary legacy as she wishes. However, it is not necessary for her to publish under a pseudonym to find out how crappy things are for unknown authors, and then reveal herself to drive the previously ignored novel to the top of the bestseller lists. There are a great many talented authors trying to tell original stories who work very bloody extremely hard at trying to get readers, and in such environment Ms Rowling publishing under a pseudonym is as necessary as this blog post.

I don’t read disclaimers.


In another stunning admission that turned the publishing world slightly to the left and then over at a forty-five degree angle, sources close to King came forward with a statement:

“It started when Stephen lost a bet to Clive Cussler. The woman whom the public knows as J.K. Rowling is an actress King hired to perpetuate the illusion.”


Well. All-in-all, a pretty standard week. You may now resume your normal activities.

A Helping Hand…Lay and Lie

I’d like to lay down a few simple rules so that you none of you lies under any doubt at all…about the difference between lay and lie.

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