Sneak Peek: Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm

Today we have a sneak peek from the new educational Mr. Pish book by K. S. Brooks, Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm.

The adventurous traveling terrier, Mr. Pish, takes us on a personally guided tour to show us what goes on at a farm. From playing with a cute lamb to driving a big swathing machine, Mr. Pish explores it all in Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm. In this sixth book in the Mr. Pish Educational Series, full color photographs and engaging text provide us with entertaining insight to teach us where our food comes from!

Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Smashwords and other online retailers.

Here is a page from Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm

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Video Trailer: Loud Evolution

Thomas Loud is an everyday person – he thinks he knows what is wrong with the world and how to fix it, but never does anything. He thinks he knows what is wrong with society and has a vague idea of who to blame, but leaves it all for tomorrow. He thinks he knows about a lot of things, but the truth is, he doesn’t.

But one day, that all changes when a very, very stupid idea gets Thomas thrown amidst a shadowy organization that doesn’t want to rule the world. Quite opposite, the organization wants to save it. And they will soon teach Thomas that sometimes good genes aren’t in good people.

Loud Evolution, by Goran Racic is available from Amazon and Apple iTunes.

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The Buck Stops With You!

The thing about ePublishing, if you are an independent author/publisher, is that every little detail is your responsibility.

No matter who may assist you (paid or otherwise) in the process – that means through all of the editing, formatting, proof reading, art work and the specific, pre-upload, formatting requirements of each of the ePublishing distributors you decide to utilise, and of course the actual, physical uploading of the manuscript itself – the responsibility, to make sure everything is perfect, is yours. THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU!

Quite apart from having a professional job done on all of the various editing processes, you need to have someone check it before you consider uploading. Many indies these days use beta readers who, as well as spotting mistakes and inconsistencies, will give opinions about how the book works; or perhaps why it doesn’t work. If you also have someone who knows, or at least has an idea, what it is that you are trying to say or do with your book; then so much the better. Continue reading “The Buck Stops With You!”