Cool Autumn Releases!

Just in time for Halloween, some of these releases are spooky, some aren’t. Either way, check them out!

The Monster Quiz Book
by Rich Meyer

500 questions and answers about monsters. ‘Nuff said.

The Monster Quiz Book is available through and Amazon UK.


A Victory that Counts by Ioana Visan

For the first time in five hundred years, Romanians have allied with vampires to combat the new breed threat. Mayhem ensues.

A Victory that Counts is available through, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon UK.


The Boat Thief
by M.D. Lee

The Boat Thief is a boy’s sea adventure with the ocean testing young Fisher Shoemaker every step of the way.

The Boat Thief is available at and Amazon UK.


African Venus by Sheryl K. Carkhum-Lord

In 1847 Nima is torn from her family & taken to France where she becomes the muse for the African Venus. A story of family, courage & beauty

African Venus is available at, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon UK.


The Recluse Storyteller by Mark. W. Sasse

Four interwoven stories. One complex recluse. Part adventure, part tragedy, part discovery. Expect the unexpected.

The Recluse Storyteller is available at, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.


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