Featured Book: Love Sleeps in the Forest

Love Sleeps in the Forest
by G.M. Hague
Categories: Mystery, thriller, suspense, crime drama
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James is the worst kind of serial killer, because he’s the last person you will fear. He’s kind, considerate, well-educated and likeable. Women find him attractive. The girls that fall in love with James, he buries in a forest, where they sleep. James might even be a friend of yours.


A surprised cry from behind made me jump.

I turned and recovered first. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.’

She stood uncertainly, a pile of books in her arms. ‘It’s okay. I didn’t see you, it’s so dark. They should fix the damned car park lights here.’

‘Are you all right?’ My instincts were prickling. I tried to keep my voice calm.

She nodded at her car. ‘I just want to put these on the passenger seat.’

‘Right, of course,’ I said, quickly stepping back.

‘Oh – okay, thanks.’ She moved forward and bent to fit her car key into the door.

‘You’ve been studying?’ I asked.

‘No, I’m the librarian here. I’m taking these home to fix – oh damn!’ The books slid from her arms to the ground. She cursed softly again and crouched to retrieve them.

I leaned forward, reaching. She probably thought I was going to help.

What others are saying:

“Every woman should read how this guy chooses his victims and stalks them in broad daylight.” – Vbthedog

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